Alfa (Stranger)
04-13-03 01:49
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Does anyone know of a legal psychedelic tryptamine, in the same dosage range, that has simular effects as LSD?
04-13-03 14:33
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Tihkal (
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04-13-03 18:05
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You definitely sound as if you were going to order it to some 'research chemical' company and then sell it as LSD.

Got anything to say in your defense?

04-16-03 20:21
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Why would it matter if he were? Not tryin to piss anyone off, but to the majority of the population tripping is tripping and the people getting sold the shit prob still believe that there's "stryc-9" and that the acid will "settle in their spines" and all the other loades of garbage you hear. So why would it matter to them if it were lsd or amt? So as long as you were taking their saftey into account (i.e. dosage) Please don't get pissed, i'm just sayin we are like 3% (if that) of the entire drug culture, and with most people you can't tell them shit so whats the differance
(Distinctive Doe)
04-16-03 21:16
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The difference is that you want to make money by being a lieing cheating bastard.  Thats alot worse than just being stupid.
04-16-03 22:38
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I suppose if your market was full of saints and geniuses, but hey most people could give a shit as long as it does the job, its safe, and cheap! How would you be ripping anyone off? If the chemical does its job then the money is well spent. I find people pefer 5-meo-amt to lsd for the simple fact that it doesn't smash their minds to pieces, at low doses its like acid without all the confusion, in high doses it can but in low doses it relitivly not present
04-16-03 22:43
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sorry, I understand your point, but I figure as long as you let the person know what it is if they ask your not hurting anyone, I mean if swim has some "drops" of "doses" its not neccesarily lsd. if someone asked swim hey what is this stuff I'm sure swim would be upfront. You have to realize that lsd is basically non-existint around my area at least and alotta people I know love to trip, so as long as you don't go crazy and sell like 2mg of 5-meo-amt for like $15 a piece how are you ripping anyone off? Your providing the service requested
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04-17-03 18:20
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when you sell people acid they expect to get it.
If you honestly tell people that what you are selling is
5-meo-amt and that it hasn't been used very much for many
years and that the after-effects are unknown, then go ahead.

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04-18-03 09:21
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If you pay for a whore, you don't expect to be fucked in the ass yourself (at least, I don't...)
You tell them exactly what it is, no exception made. If it is an exotic tryptamine analogue that causes LSD-like effects, you tell them it's not LSD but LSD-like, and that they just need a higher dose. Jonathan Ott's masterpiece Pharmacotheon contains a very interesting passage about ppl who claim to have used mescaline, while they probably have been tripping on LSD.

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04-24-03 22:43
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04-24-03 23:14
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      LSD sold as mescaline  Bookmark   

Jonathan Ott's masterpiece Pharmacotheon contains a very interesting passage about ppl who claim to have used mescaline, while they probably have been tripping on LSD.

Where I live microdot LSD is still being sold as 'mescaline' or 'peyote extract'.
04-25-03 09:51
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