covalent_bond (Stranger)
04-13-03 02:47
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I saw somw hoja santa oil in a store today, does anybody know if it is distilled from the leaves, or wood. I coulnd't find any info on the bottle, and the sites that sell it dont have detalied info on it. TFSE here doesnt have alot on it, I would gladly pay extra $$$ for safety. I have sent an email to a oil co about this, just wondering if anybee has experience with said oil.
(Hive Bee)
04-13-03 04:16
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      from an online supplier:  Bookmark   

Hoja Santa (Root Beer, Texas USA)
Botanical Name: Piper auritum
Plant Part: root
Growing Method: Conventional agriculture (100% pure and natural essential oils)
Processing Method: S/D -Steam Distillation

It's root-oil. Can't seem to find any info on the composition of this, maybe you should buy a small amount, and distill it or run a TLC and compare this with a pure sample of safrole. Check the smell of it first.
04-13-03 08:27
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It has to be the leaf oil I believe. Thanks for the help, I must have looked for two hours last night, I must have been looking so hard that I didnt notice the answer.
04-13-03 17:20
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      Swim looked into that oil a long time ago.  Bookmark   

Swim looked into that oil a long time ago. It's quite expensive(~240.00 for 4oz). Pretty expensive. There should be something in the search engine about it.

I went into the business for the money, and the art grew out of it.-Charlie Chaplin

(Hive Bee)
04-13-03 17:46
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You can get 4oz for about $100, root oil, that is.

But that is still expensive to me, especially when compared with sassy and camphor prices..
04-14-03 02:10
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      If it were an option  Bookmark   

If in fact it were an option, I woould gladly pay that so as not to get a target painted on my ass for ordering sassy. I have an aversion to risking a conversation with the DEA.