barkingburro (Hive Bee)
04-13-03 18:35
No 426338
      that god awful naptha stank  Bookmark   

it's EVERYWHERE. any-one else ever get it on un-covered hands w/out realizing and then only wash w/ soap & water? you're sitting there going. damn either there's poop in this cereal or i need to stop using the charmin in the bathroom.

and it gets in your hair. any-one got a solution for getting rid of that smell? oo-ooh that smell, that smell that is around you-u-u-u. maybe that's what that 70's song was about all along...
04-14-03 01:15
      Personally like the smell of burnt pseudo...
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(Hive Bee)
04-17-03 11:10
No 427537
      take a shower  Bookmark   

What are you doing?  Taking a bath with naphtha? 
The only reason why you would stink from naphtha is

a)  not enough ventilation - in which case I shake my head to you. 

b)  spilling it everywhere - in which case learn better lab techniques. 

c)  never showering - in which case I suggest you hop in one.

Assess --> Plan --> Perform --> Document
(Hive Bee)
04-18-03 01:33
No 427675
      none of the above  Bookmark   

ok, maybe i just get way too into my process, but i'm full on with the gear (cover alls [brown and hunter orange], elbow length gloves[green], goggles [blue w/ amber lens], and full respirator), fans ablaze (3 in fact)
so i tend to 'hover' over my work. irregardless of how much ventilation goes on i can always still smell the smell. i'm starting to wonder if it is psychosomatic.