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04-14-03 01:43
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In an electrolytic reduction of nitrostyrene compounds how do you avoid or promote amine or phenethylamine formation? Like for instance if one were to reduce 3,4,5 trimethoxy-beta nitrostyrene into 3,4,5-TRIMETHOXYAMPHETAMINE(TMA) how would one avoid making it into 3,4,5-TRIMETHOXYPHENETHYLAMINE(mescaline) or vice versa?

Also how do you prevent a beta phenethylamine derivative from 3,4 MD beta nitrostyrene. As MDA is favourable here not a PEA.

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04-14-03 01:55
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nitrostyrene --> phenethylamine (eg mescaline)
nitropropene --> amphetamine (eg TMA)

benzaldehyde + nitromethane --> nitrostyrene
benzaldehyde + nitroethane --> nitropropene

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04-14-03 02:21
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Ok, That is what I thought but I kept getting caught up in a tangle when I keep seeing both the ch3no2 and etno2 products being refered to as both being nitroalkenes. I thought since 2-nitropropene and beta-nitrostyrene seemed to make different end amines that something was different and assumed they would be called different. I just confused what Lilienthal told me and thought nitromethane could be used to make the same nitropropene along as assuming that since they were both reffered to as nitroalkenes and seeeing that nitroalkenes are reduces to amine form jsut supported the confused state. Thanks for that info hypo.

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