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Sorry about the new thread I was unable to add anyting to the old Post 225849 (Bandil: "Electrolysis membrane", Novel Discourse) thread.

I have a few cheap and simple ideas for partitions which are not just bulshit they are used in 75ml $800 dollar setups.... First is the simplest and cheapest but not actual wall like partition for square cell more compartment beaker type cell. Which BTW is the only style I have been able to find inforamtion on.

 A glass tube with a vycor disc held inplace with teflon heat shrink... You can get these porous vycor plugs with teflon shrink wrap very cheap. The idea here is to make the anodic chamber by heat shrinking one of these to the bottom of a glass tube, fill with acid and insert electrode. Then submerse vycor plug into the main cell compartment. The pores in vycor are 40Ang or 4 millimicrons so active liquid transfer is almost none. This functionality can be improved by soaking the vycor in 5%nafion solution and allowed to dry. This will minimize content transfers and maximize ion transfer.

Another is almost the same but uses nafion membrane, a glass tube, and two coarse glass discs. These are obtained and a neatly cut piece of nafion membrane is sandwiched between them and teflon shrink wrapped. Again this would be a entire anodic chamber that would be held incontact with the main cell compartment fluid by means of a clamp stand or something. 100sqcm can be bought for less than thirty dollars for the 112(.058mm) and $39 for the 117(.18mm). 

A readily available microporous cup of about 230ml capacity can be found on google. It is porcelin and made specifically for maximum fluid retention. It costs six dollars plus shipping. It works well as is with no modification. Though yields could be maximized with a dip in a 5%nafion solution. 5%nafion solution is $200 per 100ml. it wouldn't take much to coat the cylinder maybe $50 bucks worth but not really needed. This type of partition IS THE MOST COMMON IN ALL detailed drawings I have been able to recover of these which is few. I will give link at the bottom of photos of profesional electrosynthesis cells.

Other types can be made form glass filter papers and other types of porous materials but are no where near as good at retaining goods as microporous vycor or nafion. All of these can be constructed easily, quickly, and for about a total cost of fifty bucks maximum if you go all out with the nafion solution or solid membrane along with the porous glass.

All of these materials can be found on googles very easily. Porous vycor, 5%nafion solution, untreated nafion 112 membrane, porous porcelin cup. The teflon shrink wrap is supplied with the vycor pieces at all the places I found that sell them. They are available in many different sizes.
As you can see in this pic which I posted a long time ago (in the Electrochemical reductive amination of P2P's thread Post 349725 (sYnThOmAtIc: "Rhodiums comment", Novel Discourse) ahs detailed info on making reference electrodes and other handy info), that a standard porcelain cup about the same size I mentioned here is used.

And as you can see in this picture it uses the same type of partition. Except it is glass instead of percelain.

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Please could you post a link to the old thread smile (and make that other 'Post No' a link smile)
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Man I'm dumbel dorf dipshit. If I knew how to I would have. Would you like to explain it really quick since I need to learn.... I tried my best but it either made the whole page a link or it just says /url in front of it and doenst make it a link.

Well I did the best I could. I still couldn't figure out how to get the words to be bold red and not show the linp info. Ohwell I gue ss teh being up two deys is gettin gto me.

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Read the FAQ (

(and use the [349725] markup to get Post 349725 (sYnThOmAtIc: "Rhodiums comment", Novel Discourse))