Vibrating_Lights (Hive Addict)
04-17-03 09:13
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Is this a good quailty pump for pulling solvents and all other sorts of good stuff.  does any one have the specs for it.  or can someone recommend a good pump for THF MeOH DCM ect.....


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04-17-03 12:43
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I also ahd the same request.Ive looked for refurbishers of these pumps and all are asking right around 500 for overhaul.Bartelby said he had the files on repair and specs I believe.tongue

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04-17-03 16:03
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Look under products, rotary vane pumps
You will find specs for those pumps.
The e2-m2 isnt there anymore but the e2-m1.5 is so I guess it would be around that

I wish I could tell you its a good pump but I dont know since the one I have sometimes stops for no reason, so I cant really use it. Id have to get it repaired, but the fact that I have another one and that I dont like to answer questions for technicians who, for some reason here, always want to meet with you, makes me change my mind
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04-17-03 20:15
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maybe it's overheating?  try putting a fan blowing directly on it, and see if it still happens.

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04-17-03 20:40
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but I tried running it, sometimes after 5 minutes it shuts down, sometimes not so its no really reliable. My other one pulls safrole at 82 so I dont worry too much about this one for now
04-18-03 03:03
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There's some good information on repairing vacuum pumps on the web page linked to in Post 420877 (lugh: "Vacuum Pumps", Chemicals & Equipment) and some very good advice from a long time hive bee that has worked for SWIL more than once in Post 245579 (lugh: "Re: Welch Duosel Vacuum", Chemistry Discourse) smile

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