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04-18-03 04:19
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      HCl and I2's effect on rubber and plastic  Bookmark   

SWIBD would like to use an Ice-Tea container as the "conversion" and washing container while converting his 7% Iodine tinc to I2. This way he could use the spickett to "decant" his Iodine licquer without the I2 that's floating on top of the licquer getting into the filter EACH DAMN TIME. He realized that this might require more dH2O washes, but he is ok with that beecause dH2O is dirt-cheap (and for now OTC laugh). The question is, will the HCl eat the rubber (or plastic) sealing the spickett, or will the rubber/plastic react with the I2 in a bad way?

Also, SWIBD doesn't have a glass funnel so he's been using a plactic one. Will this screw anything up?
04-18-03 07:24
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      i2 xtraction notes  Bookmark   

theoretically, and, of course, for informational purposes only...
the tea pitcher will work just fine. the hcl and the i2 don't eat through or usually leave a stain on the plastic vessel. bee sure to purchase some of those plastic quick cover gripper things - if there's not something covering the vessel, the tincture dye will spread itself everywhere in the xtraction room. as was previously suggested, wally's chlor out (aquarium section) and a sponge gets the dye right off.
plastic gloves used to prepare will be coated in purple/black dye. either keep these some where else and safe or throw away - this is obvious evidence not worth keeping around.
plastic funnel also should be just fine.
for more notes, see geez's recent i2 post, right around here in the stim. forum. have phun.
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04-18-03 08:07
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      as to i2 not eating through things  Bookmark   

it ate thrpugh my SS strainer. had no idea it would do that. i was sad.
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04-18-03 08:59
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      Tea jugs  Bookmark   

SWIG uses a solar tea jug with the spigot removed in extracting I2 from tincture. He puts a piece of cloth (cotton sheet material) over the wide mouth, letting it hang well down into the jug. He keeps this in place with a neoprene O ring from a swimming pool pump which just fits the mouth of the gallon jug. He decants his liquor and rinse water through the cloth. The water flows out the hole where the spigot was, but there is enough water remaining that the heavier I2 which gets by the cloth settles in the bottom of the jug for later recover.

The spigot drains to slowly for what you have in mind IMHO, and the I2 settles nicely for pouring off the mother liquor. The I2 that floats on the rinse water is ready to filter out is clean.

Mostly harmless
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04-22-03 23:02
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      How about the plastic in a 5-gallon jug?  Bookmark   

SWIBD's friend would like to turn all of his I-tinc into I2 all at once instead of breaking up this "odoriferous" task of I-tinc "conversion" into a bunch of smaller batches. Would one of those big plastic 5-gallon jugs work ok to use as the "conversion" container, where the I-tinc will soak while the Iodine in the I-tinc is turning into I2? SWIBD's friend assumes that the larger volume (total of 2 gallons of 7% I-tinc) wouldn't cause any I2-extraction/conversion problems, but the fact that the jug is plastic rather than glass has him wondering. Here's a picture of the type of jug that he's talking about: