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      Nomenclature of Ions and Ionic Compounds
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Nomenclature of Ions and Ionic Compounds
Dr. Yau's Chem. Nomenclature:  Tutorial, Drills & Answers

For beginning students, the study of nomenclature (system of naming chemicals) can seem impossibly complex. For that reason, the rules and drills presented here are broken down into Units, and it is not advisable to study all the units at one sitting, but to take it one unit at a time. If you are not able to spread out your work over several days, you should at least take a break in between units.

Unit I: Chemical Symbols of Some Common Elements
Unit II: Nomenclature of Pure Elements
Unit III: Nomenclature of Monatomic Ions (Simple Ions)
    Unit IIIA: Nomenclature of Monatomic Anions
    Unit IIIB: Nomenclature of Monatomic Cations of Fixed Charges
    Unit IIIC: Nomenclature of Monatomic Cations of Variable Charges
Unit IV: Nomenclature of Ionic Compounds of Monatomic Ions
    Unit IVA: Writing Formulas from a Given Name
    Unit IVB: Writing Names from a Given Formula
Unit V: Nomenclature of Polyatomic Ions
    Unit VA: The "Basic Eight" Polyatomic Ions
    Unit VB: Polyatomic Ions with "- ite" Ending
    Unit VC: Nomenclature of "- ate" and "- ite" Compounds
    Unit VD: Nomenclature of Oxohaloanions
Unit VI: Nomenclature of Acids
Unit VII: Nomenclature of Acid Anions
Unit VIII: Nomenclature of Other Common Polyatomic Ions
Unit IX: Nomenclature of Molecular Binary Compounds

Also go here Useful Chemistry Tutorials & Worksheets with Answers for Any Class (http://www.towson.edu/~yau/)
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