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04-22-03 06:08
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      Simple thermostat  Bookmark   

This thurmostat is very easy to make and the price can't bee better. Now if your pad is anything like mine most likely you can never find that darn cord for the elect appliance when you need it. You know the the cord with the prob that plugs into the crock-pot or the waffle iron. Your wife will never miss it I hope. The fastest and easeyest way is to take a old cheep ext cord and cut it about 16" long leaving the female end on. There's three screws on the back of the probe thing remove them then bare the wires on your 16" cord with the female plug. The thermostat will have a hole on each side of the probe now just solder one lead into each hole then screw the back back on.  Now plug your hot plate or ?? into the plug you just soldered in. Place the prob into your oil bath once you trust it you don't have to stand over your hot plate for 12  hours.

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04-22-03 07:24
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      Is this supposed to be an immersion heater?  Bookmark   

Is this supposed to be an immersion heater? Or is it just a "Tool Time" tip?

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04-22-03 09:35
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      i think  Bookmark   

it's supposed to be a thermostat made from an immersion heater or the thermostat from a crock pot or waffle iron. i am thinking it is rigged so that when the bath reaches a certain temp the thermostat cuts off and since it's been rigged for the oil bath or hot plate to be plugged into it it cuts power to the outlet and thus cuts power to your heat source. am i right? do i get the cookie??
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04-22-03 15:26
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      temperature probe with power control?  Bookmark   

Never seen this. But I am EU, such kitchen hightek is fairly unknown here.

Anyways this is the answer:

on another question, but who realy minds.

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04-23-03 06:22
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That's right Bark it's used to keep the oil temp at the temp you want. And it won't fluctuate as much as your hot-plate. Just place the probe into the oil bath. You can leave it and count on the temp to bee where you set it. If the temp of the room lowers the pot won't like a hot plate or a stove will.

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04-25-03 01:31
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      Just find an electronic parts place  Bookmark   

There are about a hundread differnet products you can buy for this at any electronics place. You can get probe thermostats, thermal switches, thermal transistors and a bunch of other temperature sensing devices that either open or close for rising or falling temp. Some reset automatically and some don't the ones that do are preferable. All come in either factory preset temps ranging from -10c to 300c from anywhere form 1.50 to up to twenty dollars. A friend has a 60c thermal transistor inline to his hotplate power source submersed in the oil bath for distilling sassy cost him two bucks and some wire crimps so he can interchange it with differnet ones when he is to distill iso or freebase. You can go all out and spent twenty bucks on a marked knob adjustable type probe that has a wide and very acurate temp range. But is unnessecary. The two dollar deal from EPO in houston made for microwaves works just fine and allows SWIM to travel while his reactions run them selves. Along with some infrared detectors and a few x/10 switches you can set up your reaction to start and stop itself while your gone to work.

edit-- Actually I just looked at their site again and they offer -40=400c  ranges in all types and all sorts of devices.

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