Scottydog (Hive Addict)
04-24-03 22:25
No 429263
      Pharmacies are logging plate #'s in US  Bookmark   

Bee very careful purchasing pseudoephedrine pills in the US. Guard them license plate numbers!

Park across the street, down the street or around the corner. Do not use your own vehicle, borrow one if you can.

Pharmacy techs are now doing the Drug Task Force's job for them.

Swis watched the nosy little patridiot in action this afternoon.

I doubt that this in and of itself is enough probable cause to obtain a search warrant for the address that the car is registered to with the Dept of Motor Vehicles because theoretically the car could be borrowed from an innocent party.

But if it isn't?

It could bee enough to get that particular house placed under surveillance.

This has already been mentioned in the search engine but is buried pretty deep by now.

Just a refresher!

It is very real and the rats are behind the counter. They are worse then the connections in Mexico. First they take your money and then they tell on you! crazy
(Hive Martyr)
04-24-03 22:44
No 429266
      I nkow....  Bookmark   

Try brushing your hair and washing the iodine stains off
your fucking hands and then smile and cough a few times
while in line at said pharmacy. Or (if it's not you buying
the pills) tell the rat bastard mule pill fetcher to take a
fucking shower be-4 you give him your $$.
I'm shocked at the shit people do to obtain pills today.
They'll give any walking flea colony $40 bucks to either
buy them some p-fed or steal 'em for their next batch of
denaturant tainted, blue burning, put a mother fucker to
sleep dope.

Not you though scotty....I know you know way better than
to ever do any of those idiotic things.
Try waiting for the pharm tech to get off work, and then
treat'em as if he was snitching on your right to cook dope.
In other words...WHIP HIS FUCK'n ASS!
Or ask him politely not to inform the authorities about
your legal purchase of a now watched subtance like pseudo.tongue
04-25-03 02:01
No 429291
      WTF  Bookmark   

Try a large grocery store [cold meds isle] or even ephedra
herb online. Better yet rp and ephedrine hcl is cheap in
south korea, search korean/english chat rooms for the right
recrute and use your mind control skills.

Why a pharmacy?
(Bee of the Month)
04-25-03 05:24
No 429318
      tag tracing  Bookmark   

The tag number alone is  not per se probable cause. It is identifying information that leads to the door of the registered owner. It idenitfies a potential suspect for more closer scrutiny. The exception would be if you bought 24 grams of pseudo in mix...that is a felony in my state (presumption of intent to manufacture meth.)

Best rule of thumb to keep suspicion down is never buy more than one box of pills at a time at any store. Sure, you have to get into gathering as a habit and buy pills whenever you go into a store. You need to have that habit anyway.

Mostly harmless
(Hive Bee)
04-25-03 06:51
No 429329
      swibb has to agree with geez  Bookmark   

slow deliberate collecting will yield you suprisngly high numbers. swibb can collect 1 oz of psue himself buying 1 maybe 2 boxes per store in less than 2 hours. his pill people know what to do and can collect 1/4 lb from 9am - 11am. 1 box at a time.... and swibb has only 2 pill runners
04-25-03 10:17
No 429355
      thats what keeps us  Bookmark   

scotty dog an low jack, i like the way you think. i feel the same way. if you guys where to see me you would think i worked for GQ Mag. but i blow it when i pull my shirt off my true colors show then. i been called a kamillon or what ever those thngs are that change colors because i can change like a actor. any way i spot these dumbfucks all the time and its pissing me off. just last night i spotted a pretty little couple. they sucked at the scamm no game. it would have helped if the dude would put a shirt on and hide the tats and the girl would cover up those sores on her face with make up and pull there panits up. any way she had a pack of pampersand baby wipes with a case of mason jars and he had sinus meds. when he pulled out his wallet he had like 2,000 cash in there,but it looked like he no money for food. so i fucked with them in the parking lot. i made it a point to watch them real hard and freakem out and it worked. when they looked at me i said stay safe.. they about shit,,good oboys in the south, GOD PLEASE LOVEM
(Hive Bee)
04-25-03 11:31
No 429366
      Why would anyone want to subject themselves to  Bookmark   

Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that type of exposure to begin with.Why not let someone else fade the heat and at the same time make it worth their time. Swim has no problem paying $2.50 extra per box for someone else to take care of that aspect of it.That's a mere $125 for every 50 purchased. A small price to pay for no exposure.Also,hell with the pharmacies..go with the large grocery stores.Especially those with the u-scan yourself out.
(Hive Bee)
04-25-03 15:20
No 429402
      wall eyed world  Bookmark   

in swibbs area just installed 6 self check out cashiers. i'm wondering how long it is going to last...
(Hive Bee)
04-25-03 15:31
No 429404
      Self check-out  Bookmark   

But in those self check-out things, don't you have to pay with a credit card or something?
(Hive Bee)
04-25-03 15:36
No 429406
      nope self check out  Bookmark   

that accepts cash... knows what you are limited to, so it stops you at 6 boxes, 3 max of 2 different brands is what it allows as its max.
(Hive Bee)
04-25-03 18:50
No 429438
      Yeah, swak had these problem from buying to...  Bookmark   

Yeah, swak had these problem from buying to much codine/caffine pills from the canadian pharmacy. They will follow out to parking lot, and try to record licence plate. But we only drive rental cars hooked up using fraud (fake identity) so it is untracable. And yes we do pay for the rental in full, no one is ripped off.
(Hive Bee)
04-26-03 15:24
No 429639
      SWIM knows of a case in the local area were...  Bookmark   

SWIM knows of a case in the local area were some dumb-ass went into a store and purchased 2 or 3 boxes of pseudo-pills.  Wenr out to his car, removed the pills, resealed the boxes with the empty packaging, and proceded to get his money back.

Along comes another customer who purchased the empty-returned pills.  When reliesing they were empty, they procedded to inform the store that they were empty. 

Though the dumb-ass gave a false name and info on the return, the security tape was turned over to the police who in turn obtained a warrent.  (SWIM's understanding was this was all the warrent was based on). 

Apon arriving at dumb-asses place, "Whats this!?!, Boyz, looks like we need HAZMAT over here, we've got a lab!"

So, the moral is, COVER YOUR ASS, THEY MAY NOT NEED MUCH ELSE ANYMORE.  (Yep, LE is remodeling themselves after the SS)

Why 78...I just dont know? But the voices said it sounded good
(Hive Bee)
04-26-03 20:04
No 429693
      Self Scan?  Bookmark   

Those self scan aisles have programs installed in the computer that notifies the server computer when a product  that is Watched is purchased over a certain amount. In Georgia, just posessing Ephedrine, or tincture or a bunch of boxes of match books will result in the cops meeting you out in the parking lot and questioning you , this is happening at Wally-World.

04-27-03 20:32
No 429888
      Ya here too  Bookmark   

The pharmacy up the street has it posted on their billboard that they are monitoring the sale of ephedrine based products.

It takes a big man to cry, but it takes a bigger man to laugh at the man who is crying.
04-28-03 21:57
No 430140
      Not just pharmacy's  Bookmark   

Target in the US has taken up this practice also. They even have the assistance of the mall security in one location.
Paying others to obtain is best but not possible for those who do not sell and have kept the situation a personal secret
05-06-03 09:16
No 431744
      Check Out  Bookmark   

I have had the luxury of checking the security/loss prevention office of a few major grocery stores in the US.  The rat bastards that run these places are much worse than most cops, mostly because they are not able to bee cops for some reason or another.  They can follow anyone suspicious on camera most anywhere in the store, they have a list of watched items, powdered baby formula(coke dealers), razors (addicts sell them on the street) and of course cold pills (meth cooks).  These fuckers are just waiting for and excuse to call LE, or illegally detain someone.  They can watch your whole transaction at the check out item by item, on their computer screen, weather you are at a manned check out or a self check out. They also have cameras in all the parking lots that can zoom in on a license plate.  They are more than willing to cooperate with LE.  If you are paranoid I would avoid these large grocery stores, there is more survaillance in those places than many know about. But then again it is not illegal to buy cold pills, if you look like everyone in the market and you do not make a scene there should be no problem, you could be in there every 2 hours and nobody would know shit (not advised), however if you storm in there not having slept in 3 days, wired up with your hair standing straight up, paranoid, frantically scratching your head, iodine stains all over your clothes and you bee line to the cold pills and grab about 10 packs of Psuedo, this may give the fuckhead in the security office a rather large hard-on and you could be in a little trouble, just because you thought it was a good idea to go the "big grocery store".

     Unipolar Mania, It's good for life...
05-10-03 02:32
No 432451
      Disagree with farming out work  Bookmark   

These days it's a big mistake to:

1) Buy more than one box of pills/store. (It is OK to purchase only that one item. There is nothing unsual about going to the store to get nothing but cold medicine.)

2) Buy pills after midnight.

3) Buy pills when you haven't showered or when your clothes smell like solvent.

4) Buy pills when you haven't slept for 24 hours.

5) To farm out your pill buying.
Let's face it, these people:

    - don't give a fuck about anything but getting high.
    - generally steal the boxes, which leads to restricted access of the pills. Which reminds everybody that sells and buys them that the pills are a component of a major drug problem.
    - even if they don't steal them, they try to buy multible boxes and go back into the store and purchase more boxes at a different register. Anything to make their task easier.
    - have appearances that immediately arouse suspicion.
    - have told god knows how many people that you're running a meth lab.
    - Have done time, and can't afford to do anymore. Which is part of the reason they're  going to roll on you and squeal like a stuck pig when they get pulled over by the Gestapo because they have bad tags and the car gets searched because it turns out he has an arrest warrant and then cops find the 20 boxes of cold pills he didn't bother to even remotely hide. You think he's going to go back to prison for your fucking precursors? Why the fuck does anybody who's willing to be a lackey know you or that you cook or know where you live or know somebody who knows where you live? BUY YOUR PILLS YOURSELF unless you positively absolutely trust your runner with your life!
(Hive Addict)
05-10-03 15:53
No 432541
      Agree with Phlegm  Bookmark   

It is really nice to see such an overwhelming response to this thread considering it is of major importance to a great number of bees. If the swarm were to put as much or if not more effort into security rather then profit, he/she can help to minimize the risk associated with pill acquisition, their hobby and theoretical livelihood.

Swis is against farming out pill acquisition to runners as well. He only knows what he will say if thrown in the interrogation box. He has multiple felony convictions and appreciates the fact that he can bring harm to no one but himself. Like phlegm said before; Can a bee even begin to imagine what would happen if a car full of tweekers/runners were to get jammed up with a trunk full of boxes? The pigs would have one of them call you up on the phone (like nothing ever happened) to have you pick them up and they would be eagerly awaiting your demise. Then of course, a secondary search would follow at an undisclosed location. shocked

It is cheaper and he doesn't have to share proceeds with idiots who have a tendency to return with the wrong brand and type of pseudo. This can get costly and become more of a liability.

Runners are straight-up, "un-fucking-reliable"... You know who you are! crazy

The one box rule he will have to disagree with. Gotta get em while you can because if you don't as we all know here at the hive, some one else will. There is no guarantee they will bee there when you return.

There are pros and cons to this. One con is that after awhile, regardless of how many different stores, chains, pharmacies are visited in order to get the job done, clerks will start to recognize your face. "Excuse me sir but weren't you just in here yesterday?"

Swim has tried to grab two boxes pay at one register, shove them down pants, grab two more and then pay at a different one. Doesn't work good at all. The idiot that spends his day behind the video monitor will radio up to the register, not much they can do except simply deny purchase. Beeware of state law as well! Buying 4 boxes in Swis' state during one store visit is a violation of store policy, not state law. The only response at that point is, "Can't blame a man for trying right." wink

When the 24 gs of theoretical pseudo is reached and one still has more shopping to do, it is best to drop these off somewhere before the journey is continued. We all know as US bees, we are not allowed to bee in possession of more then 24 gs of pseudo right? Store policy is one thing, federal law is another.

Wearing a Slayer shirt or motorcycle club shirt proclaiming affiliation or association is another NO GO.

Bringing 1 trustworthy friend is not out of line, hitting every store in a particular pharmacy chain in one day IS!

Hit the stores where one knows they will be available on the shelf. Hit 4 or 5 stores and then quit for the day. Do not steal and never give inspector gadget an opportunity to call ahead to the other stores to bee on the look out for yellow and black winged creatures. Borrow a (legal) car, park at a neighboring business. Pharmacy techs with pen and clip board do not like to leave their safety zone. The safety zone is the parking lot of their work place. Bee elusive/ Bee unpredictable/ Bee safe.
(Hive Addict)
05-12-03 21:18
No 432902
      More related info...  Bookmark   

The shit is getting worse every day...

Swis encountered a situation today where in a dream, an individual presented him with a police report of some sort describing what seemed to bee a very realistic scene.

In the report it describes how an individual got raided by a "Clandestine Laboratory Response Team" A lab was found at his home during the middle of April and how two days later he was contacted by the team to see what he could do for them. His name "the rat" was fully disclosed. laugh

Anyway he jumped into the car with detectives and they drove around as he pointed out several other locations where gear was supposedly beeing made.

One of the locations that he pointed out, he gave them the guys name and described the vehicle that he drove.

The pigs went into their intelligence that they had kept from several weeks earlier.

In this intelligence, it described a large purchase of pseudo (listed as three boxes or more) that he got into a black camaro (license plate was logged) and as he drove off, a passenger threw a bag out the window. They ran over what appeared to be a garbage bag as they sped off. After logging his plate and searching the contents of the bag, the pharmacy tech found 70-80 empty pseudo boxes. Apparently they were popping the pills from the plastic as they did their runs. crazy

What Swis is referring to here is a "bullseye" store. Avoid this chain so you do not become the next TARGET of investigation.

In the report it describes how they combed through months of license plate logs, descriptions of suspects and their vehicles. Those that made large pseudo purchases. The information that the rat gave to the detectives matched up with info from the store!

He was one of the victims Swis watched take the fall on TV just the other day.

Thank God for freedom of information. In the paperwork it was obvious that the pigs made NO effort to conceal or protect the informant's identity.  laugh

It puzzles Swis as to why clandestine chemists would want to share their real name and address with other chemists potentially to turn snitch?

Trust NO One bees...

Learn from these idiot's mistakes, no need to repeat them right?

Don't bee stupid; this is not a popularity contest. Some people can't wait to get 25 to life so they can be down with the IN CROWD.

Karma will eventually get him, and when it does I hope the fellas scrub his "White Pride" off his backarms with a wire brush!

I love you all!
Supreme White Powder
05-21-03 04:47
No 434534
      ahh. god..... i miss the old days.  Bookmark   

I remember when a friend of mine that worked at Left-Aid would sell a CASE of them out the back at a time. The store didn't care either as long as they got paid for it. Original excuse was 'they' were from a nudist colony and they were the ones chosen to put on clothes to go get a months worth of supplies.

Nowadays there is too much bs. What the fuck is wrong with growing plants that produce desired chemical? Patience = freedom. Impatience = enlarged anus. Is that not clear enough? Or using 'farmer john the tweaker' trick? (not sure it that is considered a 'source' for those who know what I'm talking about. I'm sure its no big secret.

Would he realize this same lonely desert was the last known home of the Manson family?
05-22-03 11:43
No 434764
      How about the ninkcumpoops  Bookmark   

blushthat shoplift the pills from a pharmacy.shockedFor the loosers to get past the buzzer at the exit door they remove the contents and discard the package.Over a brief time period,the  high school church going young lady says
"Mr. Manager i found everal empty packages of suedafed
hidden behind the laxatives.

So now the cameras go up and record all the fucking drugys in the world buyin seudo fuckin fed

If ya think its' butter, butt its not, its ...