unionpacific (Stranger)
04-25-03 16:47
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      extracting lsd from blotter  Bookmark   

extracting lsd from blotter and crystallizing it.
Does anyone have any information on this subject i've search tfse several times didn't find nothing.

I know the yeild wouldn't be that great per blotter
but if afoaf had a few sheets who knows
or if he had vials how would he go about taking the water out

is this even worth trying?
any help is appreciated
04-25-03 20:53
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      ether obviously, do not fucking heat it to...  Bookmark   


obviously, do not fucking heat it to evap it, and dont abuse it, nothing too acidic or basic.

and, why the hell would you want to do this? if you had it in aq. solution i supose you could just evap that slowly, or an acid/base on it. but thats not worth it unless u got it cheap and really want some crystaline stuff or something.
(Chief Bee)
04-26-03 09:26
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      How are you going to crystallize it, or ...  Bookmark   

How are you going to crystallize it, or isolate the crystals for that matter? At 0.1 mg per hit, you will have at most 10mg of substance per 100 hits.
(Hive Bee)
04-26-03 14:09
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      1mg  Bookmark   

edit: oops, very right then, 100 ug is about what you should find on a blotter.
(Chief Bee)
04-26-03 14:38
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      I said 0.1 mg.  Bookmark   

I said 0.1 mg.
05-07-03 00:07
      Salivia Extraction
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05-07-03 15:58
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      why?  Bookmark   

100 mic's per blotter not worth the trouble. I would not worry about impurities in blotter. subtract 100 mic's from weight of blotter what would you get 100 th of a gram what would be the weight of the empty bloter 95/100th of a gram. not enough space to put any type of poison in the bloter.