hedonisticfool (Stranger)
04-27-03 02:26
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      HELP! glass and equipment in australia  Bookmark   

swim been reading ALOT from TFSE and finds it difficult to apply what they learned, in australia...

in case you dont know, any RBF over 500ml, any condenser over B19, any heating mantle and a couple other things are listed as category II (or so says the code anyway). Now you can see why it is hard to apply what ive learned on this site... swim doesnt feel the chems will be a problem :) just the equipment...

swim is not asking for sources but SUGGESTIONS or IDEAS on HOW to go about getting this stuff without attracting a lot of attention. Perhaps alternate equuipment for the above?
hell, i could probably make most of this equipment but it would be so much better to have the right stuff...

swim doesnt believe in theft...
Any help would be greatly appreciated
(Hive Bee)
04-27-03 07:05
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      Well  Bookmark   

I don't have any suggestions on what to do, but I suggest you read http://www.pacia.org.au/Health/IllicitDrugCode.pdf, which should give you a better idea of what not to do! Some of the chems might actually bee a problem, so take care!
(Hive Bee)
04-27-03 19:54
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      Dude, believe me it's no problem.  Bookmark   

Dude, believe me it's no problem. Get your credit card, devise a company name and order by phone. If your not familiar with laboratory suppliers, look in the yellow pages or the internet. Have a ligitamet reason for having equipment firmly emplanted in your mind, but no body will ask anyway. They don't care! They want to sell to you.! This is what they do every day. A couple of flasks and condensors, big deal!! You are just another small customer.

Also demand a catalogue from these companies. Alot of them have one on the net so you can simply quote a catalogue number for the item you want. It's simple, quick and more professional than trying to describe the item.

If that still worries you and you have patients, wait for a laboratory auction. Personally I get a hard-on whenever one comes up.

Also, as far as chemicals go, If it's listed they won't sell it to you unless you fill out a form and you probably won't right?. But basicly you can get just about anything you need to make just about anything you want. Your not doing anything illegal anyway right??? Good luck.

04-27-03 19:59
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      Might I advise  Bookmark   

Might I advise AGAINST ordering anything chem related with your personal credit card - thats just asking to be caught, especially if your making shit up as well - too easy to be caught in it i'f your not careful - I know that alone can add a bunch of charges in the US.

IIRC the credit card glassware thing was a big component of Elusius getting busted....

Just my 2 hits...
(Hive Bee)
04-27-03 20:04
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      Of course there's an element of risk with...  Bookmark   

Of course there's an element of risk with cards, but the trouble is you can't pay with cash at most of the larger suppliers. Most have closed their cash sales desk!

04-27-03 20:13
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      Too true friendly  Bookmark   

Thats why most of mine comes used from 'alternate' sources - surplus mostly..
04-27-03 23:43
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      use a credit card!? gees i dunno...  Bookmark   

use a credit card!? gees i dunno... how much more of a direct link can you possibly make to your self...

Nah if swim was to order this stuff it would be via bank deposit...can be annon this way (or the assumed name)

This isnt swims concern really... swims concern is the shipping address(s) and the END USER DECLARATION...where by for RBF`s, condensers, heatingmantles, buchner funnels this EUD is required by law. On the EUD you must provide photo ID address and reason for use, this info is on record FOR EVER... All the above are covered except the address to where the goods are sent. This is the only LINK.
Some clever bees must have a way around this, i have one idea but its not foolproof...is it just that the clever bees feel that this information should be kept secret? i can respect that...
(arrogant bee of the day)
04-28-03 02:01
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      There are places that will sell you any ...  Bookmark   

There are places that will sell you any equipment no problem. You just need to look harder. Nobody is going to hand-feed you (a stranger) their source for you to fuck up (or bust).

The end result is directly proportional to the effort applied.
05-03-03 12:10
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      Customs  Bookmark   

There are internet sites that sell a lot of the things you need no questions asked (well no really hard ones).  Credit card issues aside, anyone know/care to speculate on how Australian customs would react to any of the above mentioned equipment?  Or not to sus' precursers like iodine or phosphourus acid?  Assuming you ordered them all seperately.
05-04-03 10:23
      Anyone willing to use a credit card to ...
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05-04-03 18:12
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      Well that was constructive.  Bookmark   

Well that was constructive.  I never suggested using a credit card & B/S credentials nor would I.  Question repeated.  Having combed customs regs there doesn't seem to be any legal issues, but I imagine you'd wind up on a list somewhere...
05-04-03 18:53
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Pretty much no matter what you do you are going to end up on a list. But that isn't the end of the world really, because the list is so big they can't investigate EVERYBODY. Take the list of watched chem's somene dug up a while ago - it's frickin huge. So do your best to be extra non-suspicious, but not overly so - cause that suspicious ;} pay with something not easily tracable and get a po box with a novelty ID if you can. The rest I think you can figure for yourself.

Actually don't cause it's illegal.....
05-05-03 00:55
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      Sorry for sounding harsh, a credit card ...  Bookmark   

Sorry for sounding harsh, a credit card though?!
No-way..I agree with Tdurden. There will be alot of suppliers out there who won't think twice about many of the chems listed. SWIM would not order glassware, but he doesn't have to think about that. Anything ordered through the mail will result in a trail. SWIM would suggest doing it in person if you think your convincing enough. Do some homework before hands maybe..
Just don't use the credit card.