FriendlyFinger (Hive Bee)
04-29-03 04:09
No 430107
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Hi there,

Does anybody know what this journal is?

J. Them. bloc. Dalton Trans. 1992, 1151-5.

I can't find it. What's it's full name? It's a reference from  Post 108400 (dormouse: "Microwave Isomerization of Safrole  - Cherrie Baby", Novel Discourse) a post about microwave isomerisation.

(HyperLab Bee)
04-29-03 08:06
No 430149
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I think, this is Journal of Chemical Society, Dalton transaction misspelled
(Hive Bee)
04-29-03 18:03
No 430214
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I'd have to agree with murmur, unless there happens to be a random foreign journal also named after Dalton. Here's a link to the home of Dalton Trans. online, but of course the kindly RSC will charge you to see any full article:
(Chief Bee)
05-01-03 22:56
No 430673
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Even worse, they don't have any articles from 1992 online.