spike_heron (Stranger)
04-29-03 08:58
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the Designer Drugs Directory (Valter & Arizzabalaga) keeps mentioning J. Org. Chem v59 p3738 as a one-step synthesis of dialkyltryptamines from commercially available precursors. i havent actually looked at the ref yet, but i was wondering if this was something that had already been hashed out here on the board. i dont know the mechanism, so using TFSE would be kind of pointless i think.

i'll look at the actual reference later in the week, i had just noticed that the "easily available precursors" described in much of the rest of the book are not exactly OTC. if anyone has any notes on the subject, please let me know.
04-29-03 12:24
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../rhodium/pdf /dmt.4-chlorobutanal.pdf
Post 388588 (Rhodium: "DMT synthesis using 4-chlorobutanal", Tryptamine Chemistry)