urushibara (Hive Bee)
04-29-03 17:26
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I was reading some interesting old posts from strike, and in there was mentioned the idea of polypropylene buchner filter funnel and side-arm flasks. Are these easy to find? Obviously a hell of a lot cheaper than glass ones, considering how much glass is needed to make a sidearm flask. I have seen a refrigerator pump used as a vacuum source, it seemed to work excellently, I would want one of those too.

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04-30-03 00:06
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You can get them from just about any labware supplier, at least you can where I am (and that's saying something!).  Usually they're really cheap (in comparison to porcelain and glass) and often the buchner's will have the rather snazzy feature that you can unscrew the top (with the disc) from the bottom 'funnel' part, for better cleaning (sometimes these one's cost a bit more, but I personally think it's worth it in most cases).

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