FriendlyFinger (Hive Bee)
05-01-03 07:21
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      Will Molecular sieves scratch?  Bookmark   

Hi there,

I want to use 4A molecular sieves with 3N KOH/BuOH + Allylbenzene at room temp stirring for 3 hours. Will this scratch the fuck out of my shinny flask.

(Hive Adickt)
05-01-03 10:25
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Nope, but your sives will bee a fine powder after 3 houers of stirring. Might want to use shaking instead ?
(Hive Bee)
05-02-03 04:24
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      What was I thinking. I should just dry the...  Bookmark   

What was I thinking. I should just dry the BuOH and the allyl separately with the sieve and the KOH in the oven before mixing together.

I plan to use 4A  small beads for the Allyl and 3A for the BuOH, but here is where I'm a bit confused. In J.Org. Soc. (Don't have the reference here) they talk about powered 3A as the dissicant of choice under the heading of "Butanols" but refere specifically to 2-Butanol and tert-butanol. Would I be right in assuming that powered 3A would be the better choice for n-BuOH.

The reference suggests that the reason the powder is better than the beads and why the butanols take longer to dry is because of their increased viscosity compared with say ethanol.

(Hive Adickt)
05-02-03 11:38
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Nuke the sives in the micro. stup before they melt (the doo). Then let them cool in a decikator. Dump the now cold and dry sives in your solvent. waith 48 houers, shake from time to time. You now have abs. dry solvent's.
(Hive Addict)
05-03-03 01:36
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      WARNING!  Bookmark   

First use of molecular sieves in a dehydration process is an Exothermic reaction!  After they have been "conditioned" there is no heat release...

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
(Hive Adickt)
05-03-03 17:27
No 431126
      Test of sives  Bookmark   

Yes, the best test for sives 'drynes' is to pu a drop off wather into your hand, and then place a sive into the drop. Iff it burn's they a good. (the tuff one's just 'kiss' the sives, iff they burn your lip's they are dry)
(Distinctive Doe)
05-05-03 03:32
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      Won't 3N KOH breakdown molecular sieves?  Bookmark   

Won't 3N KOH breakdown molecular sieves?
Maybe I'm mistaken.
05-07-03 03:17
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      i dont think it will scratch...  Bookmark   

i dont think it will scratch... not that scratching really all that much of a problem anyway... but if your worried.. perhaps use an alternative to your shiny rb flash.... mabey a jar will be ok??
(Distinctive Doe)
05-07-03 04:16
No 431826
      Guess I was wrong, should bee ok in KOH  Bookmark   

Guess I was wrong, should bee ok in KOH