Bwiti (PVC-Analog Taste-Tester)
05-03-03 06:44
No 431029
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In my dreams, an old man who was fondling my genitals said, "Five San Pedro cacti that were about 14" each were cut-up, then beat to a mush in a pail. Some distilled water was added along with 200ml muriatic, then allowed to sit for a day, then filtered. Four more extractions were done without adding more muriatic acid, blah, blah.. Anyway, the filtered, snotty, green cum was boiled down in a few 1000ml flasks, leaving a more concentrated soup of goodies. The whole batch was boiled/filtered once again, then a few drops were taste-tested. It still tasted sour, so I think there's still some hydrochloric in there? The goal is to have a drinkable cactus tea that contains all of its alkaloids(hydrochlorides), without excess hydrochloric. What if it's further boiled down to about a liter and it still tastes sour? Maybe add some sodium bicarbonate to bring the pH up?"tongue

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