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05-03-03 13:35
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Swim ws hoping that someone would shed light on swim's question, what is the solubility of 5-meo-amt in water? Swim read on a previous post that water is the solvent of choice in order to remain active for a little while. So when dissolving the 5-meo-amt in wter should it be done at room tempature or should the water be heated? Swim's just worried that room temp wter would not fully dissolve the 5-meo-amt, and it would settle. Alchoal starts to degrade the substance after a few days, so thats out of the question. Any insight?
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05-04-03 09:11
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      If alcohol degrades the substance, then there...     

If alcohol degrades the substance, then there is absolutely no hope for the substance being stable in water. Also, are you talking about the freebase or the hydrochloride salt? I'd think that the aqueous solubility of the former is nonexistant, but the latter should be pretty soluble, even at room temp. Don't heat it, it is unstable enough as is.
05-04-03 19:12
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      thanks rhodium     

yes its the hcl, should swim just shake the solution really good before administration?
05-04-03 19:37
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think I've got it, if swim dissolves 1g of 5-meo-amt in 10ml of dh20, swim should get around 2.8mg per drop, or is that really dangerous and not smart. Swim's concern is the recrystalization of the hcl in the water, thus not making it consistint
02-10-04 10:07
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