jemma_jamerson (Hive Bee)
05-07-03 22:32
No 432058
      pure Benzaldehyde economical?  Bookmark   

regarding Benzaldehyde, the material is 100% natural and is quite expensive

Price for the stuff quoted is $550.00 per kg in minimum 1 kg lots.and was stated'  This would need to be considerably diluted in a food grade solvent (alcohol perhaps) to get to a usable level as an almond essence for cakes etc

swims has utfe, but cant work out if this is an economical price in austrlaian dollors?

for dreaming of l-pac

signed -nous
05-08-03 07:57
No 432151
      currency conversion  Bookmark   

$550 USD = $855.50 Australian
(Hive Bee)
05-08-03 08:06
No 432155
      That is quite expensive.  Bookmark   

That is quite expensive.  However, if your gonna use it for what I presume, depending on exact route taken I bet you will end up with way more than the cost.  It IS a kilogram.
(Hive Addict)
05-08-03 08:18
No 432165
      Even 50$ would be too much for a litre.My...  Bookmark   

Even 50$ would be too much for a litre.My supplier wants 30$ for a litre of Aldrich reagent grade +99% benzaldehyde and 50$ for 2,5 litres of same stuff.

For those about to synth,we salute you
05-08-03 16:06
No 432208
      jemma  Bookmark   

Yes, it is aquirable locally for the same price as Sassafrass,.
In the same kind of stores, ...sometimes..wink

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05-08-03 19:02
No 432230
      hailz  Bookmark   

i have two sources in oz for sassy(armoa threapy shps0 so

ill check em out and report the data

here is the info another maniac sent me on the way it should work out for some one hyperthetically doing it towards l=pac

great dreams we have smile

It's about 80% yield of benzaldehyde-->lpac, then 90%
lpac-->ephedrine and then you know what you get after that - so about 60% of the total weight of benzaldehyde, in other words around 600g of pure meth - what's that worth at wholesale rates - say about $500/g --
$300,000 bigtime

calcium, 550 is in ozy dollors sorry mate smile

signed -nous
(Hive Addict)
05-08-03 21:11
No 432251
      $500/gram?  Bookmark   

Where the hell are you selling that meth goes $500/gram?  That's insane.  $30-60US/g is average, $90-120/g max during the dry seasons.
(Hive Addict)
05-09-03 14:30
No 432379
      80% L-PAC from benzaldehyde?  Bookmark   

you are dreaming.
wake up.

Benzaldehyde is not so hard to make from toluene or benzylalcohol. For yields >40% you also need acetaldehyde, which is also easy (best way IMHO is the direct dehydrogenation of EtOH over copper in a tube furnace as no chromiumcompounds are needed, but thats a question of personal taste)

You are also talking of "oil of bitter almonds" all time what contents mainly benzaldehyde but is expensive. Industrial b-dehyde is asscheap but not everywhere to aquire without problems. I bet it will become even heavier controlled - learn now to make it by yourself, thats the only reasonable way to go.
(Hive Bee)
05-09-03 21:46
No 432425
      aur, thats wholesale(pure) and oz organk,...  Bookmark   

aur, thats wholesale(pure) and oz

organk, noted brother.

signed -nous
(Hive Bee)
05-10-03 01:23
No 432446
      $38  Bookmark   

a kilogram, american company. There sass was $89 kilo, so by those standards $38 may even be a bit high. you should defintely find it way cheaper else where...
(Hive Bee)
05-11-03 17:51
No 432716
      Jemma  Bookmark   

If you try to buy "Pure Benzaldehyde" in Oz you will be taking a big risk.

../rhodium/chemistry /law/

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(Hive Bee)
05-11-03 19:59
No 432745
      indeed  Bookmark   

abolt i owe you personal training feeswink

it confirms that it is a catagory 2 listing, the eud is only however required for non account costomers.

thats a funny document, it also lists all the conmpanies in australia that have the code in their business

muhar, there are some that sell stuff and dont.

signed -nous
05-12-03 19:11
No 432887
      you must be mistaken  Bookmark   

In oz pure chem supplied benzaldehyde is 65 aus dollars per 500ml. Its 35$ aus for 500ml of the food stuff elsewhere in aus. Our chem importers ship it here for 600 dollars australian per tonne. I don't know where you get your prices.

05-14-03 16:46
(Rated as: UTFSE!)
05-17-03 03:54
      apply your ass
(Rated as: incomprehensible)
(Hive Bee)
05-18-03 18:56
No 434067
      Jemma  Bookmark   

As far as I know Bitter Almonds are not grown in Oz

when we forget to pray for the angels, the angels forget to pray for us!
(Resident Smart Assium)
05-18-03 19:54
No 434076
      He was probably referring to peaches or ...  Bookmark   

He was probably referring to peaches or apricots, but I'm not a mind reader...

(their pits also contain it)
(Hive Bee)
05-25-03 20:41
No 435525
      i was and what is uncomprehensable about a...  Bookmark   

i was and what is uncomprehensable about a cannery

freakin mods are begining to piss me off.(again)

signed -nous
(Chief Bee)
05-26-03 06:36
No 435612
      j_j:  Bookmark   

What is "pips" you said you could get at a cannery, and how does it relate to benzaldehyde? I know that apricot kernels contain an amount of benzaldehyde, but is it really worthwhile starting with a rock-hard natural product with a low percentage of precursor, when there are so many better ways? If it actually was comprehensible, maybe your post would have been rated insignificant instead, as it did not contain any information that could be of actual value to anyone, you rather stated a useless fact.

I think you need to start express yourself a lot more clearly, and that goes for a whole lot of your posts. Remember that a large part of the Hive consist of people with english as a second (or maybe even third) language (myself included), so it is imperative that you write consise and clear posts in proper english, or a lot of people will not understand what you are saying.
(Hive Bee)
05-26-03 19:36
No 435780
      oh shit  Bookmark   

pips are seeds or kernels (in australian)

re -->>but is it really worthwhile starting with a rock-hard natural product with a low percentage of precursor

you could get alot of kernels from a cannery.  and make it with an oil presser.

a big factory goes through alot of kernels. just a thought

yup sorry for the un comprehensive stuff cheif.

signed -nous
(Hive Addict)
05-27-03 00:56
No 435826
      one of many ways  Bookmark   

If you get the kernels for free and the amount of interesting oils is reasonable this might be a way - for sure not anybees way, but for some why not? I wouldn´t press the kernels but rupture them and extract chemically using a permanent extraction (->percolator, ->perforator) so the amounts of solvents needed stay low. This would end up in a question of mainly time and space to invest for such a project.

Benzaldehyde/oil of bitter almonds is already listed and watched and I need not to be a prophet to say this will get worse not better in the nearer future.

halfapint is missing badly.
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05-29-03 21:23
No 436471
      lets not forget that they are free, i went to...  Bookmark   

lets not forget that they are free, i went to a factory and asked, the said i could help my self.

oi rhodium 

TEE HEE smile

signed -nous