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05-11-03 22:19
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Improved Oxidation of Amines with Dibenzoyl Peroxide


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05-11-03 22:56
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Shulgin prepares FLEA from MDOH, now, it can also effectively bee prepared from MDMA.


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05-12-03 23:23
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from memory there is also a series of papers by Beckett which describe the oxidation of primary and secondary amines to the corresponding azanol. his method uses MCPBA metachloroperbenzoic acid followed by hydrolysis. unfortunately all these oxidation routes require preparation of the illegal amine and if you are going to prepare the amine why not just stop there and eat it, flea is not as interesting as its amine parent.
what is really needed is a route to produce an O substituted oxime (or perhaps a N-substituted nitrone) reduce to the o/n substituted hydroxyamine and then remove the o protection. at least that way if the reduction proceeds too far you don't end up with an illegal amine.