SPISSHAK (Hive Addict)
05-12-03 00:24
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      question about corporate tax ID's and ordering  Bookmark   

Somebody in a far far away landwas trying to order some Alpha-methyl-styrene for use as a plasticizer for Ethylene-vinylacete copolymer adhesive formulation he was patenting.
The problem is all the companies he calls say they will only sell it if he has a corporate tax id or registers an account linked to bank accounts and trade references.
So someone was wondering would it be easier to go to a place that does custom formulations of chemicals and request a "formulation" for use as a plasticizer?
Would thier requirements be less stringent?
05-16-03 10:02
      does anyone know how to overcome this obstacle?
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(Hive Addict)
05-16-03 19:25
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Get a PO Box with a novelty ID and start a corporation at that address. It may not work, but it's worth a try.
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05-17-03 22:07
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      That's going to be a tall order  Bookmark   

It's not a good idea to try and set up a taxable corporation under a false name.
unless you really know what your doing, you can get in serious trouble, with all sorts of "nice" people.