DrBumpz (Hive Bee)
05-12-03 21:40
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      Heet got too Hot!!!  Bookmark   

Since everyone and they're mother appeared to be using Heet fuel-line defroster by NAME instead of simply calling it "fuel line defroster", it is now unavailable in my area. I asked the person at the counter of the big-name-chain auto store why they no longer had it, and they replied "Cuz'a all them meth labs and stuff!". I was amazed. I drove to about six other auto stores and the answer was the same every where. The "Iso-Heet" is still on the counter every where.
    I was wondering if any other alcohols may be substituted in MethylMan's method. I would really enjoy not distilling it out of another product, as I'm sure that would cost AT LEAST four times more and be a pain in the ass! Maybe PGA, after a few Epsom Salt dryings? Denatured alcohol? That Iso-Heet, maybe( I would suppose that it is pure Isopropanol just as the regular Heet was pure Methanol. I mean, you can't get water in your gas tank )? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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05-12-03 21:47
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      Get a 5 gallon jug, go to race car shop and...  Bookmark   

Get a 5 gallon jug, go to race car shop and ask for 5 gallons of Methanol, pay the man and go do what ever you want with it. Its only as hard as you m ake it.
(Hive Bee)
05-13-03 10:48
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      Or out here in georgia...  Bookmark   

Swim just went to a alternative fuel station.
(Chef d'Equippe)
05-13-03 15:33
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      Doesnt sound like you did enough searching.  Bookmark   

Doesnt sound like you did enough searching. Its still ok to hit other parts of town & neighboring cities for working capital. Your a real dumbass if you think that calling it Heet instead of fuel line dryer made them pull it. Its the sketchy, whiny fuckers like you that got it pulled, nobody calls it 'fuel line dryer'>btw;iso-heet is used for the same purpose, why didnt you grab some of that 'fuel line dryer' since you were in the market for fuel dryer & they had it on the shelf?

Shoot Narcs, Not Drugs
05-13-03 19:02
      Sketchy, whiny fuckers like me?
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(Hive Bee)
05-13-03 19:08
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      Thank you Turntablist...  Bookmark   

Thank you Turntablist, but I had looked into it, and that is not possible in my area. It almost seems like they are considering Methenol a precursor to Meth!! It's just a damn solvent ya'll get off it!

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