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05-15-03 14:58
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      borohydride reduction  Bookmark   

I have a few question concerning the borohydride reductions.
First I have UTFSE and couldn't find any definitive information on using methylamine hcl in the sodium borohydride reduction, but I did find info on sodium cyanoborohydride and sodium triacetoxyborohydride so it appers that methylamine hcl use is pretty common with both of these reactants. Now has anyone ever used methylamine hcl with sodium borohydride or heard of anyone using it, or experience with it? My second question is concerning the sodium borohydride addition, once you have imine formation, the addition goes much slower than with cyano or triacetoxy, can anyone explaine this to me?  BTW Barium's benzaldehydes to phenylacetones works great, gonna try asarone to asaraldehyde to TMP2P next
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05-15-03 17:36
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      I typed "borohydride methylamine ...  Bookmark   

I typed "borohydride methylamine wet" in the subject area of TFSE. The second post that showed up was Post 328680 (Barium: "A really wet reductive alkylation", Novel Discourse). Check it out.

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05-16-03 16:09
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      How are you getting your nitroethane?  Bookmark   

How are you getting your nitroethane?  No sources, just curious.

It is seductive, way too seductive.             -Eleusis
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05-16-03 19:15
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      There is a seller  Bookmark   

close to where i live. Sells chemicals. One day, I realized that nitroethane was on his list.
That sounded wrong to me, since Im pretty sure its illegal in most countries(ie North America and Europe) I never took the chance about asking him since I buy other stuff from him. Dont want to loose a supplier.

 I've always wondered  if anyone having the same supplier ever tried to ask. Its the last page on the list, and they are special chemicals he can specially order for you. If anyone knows what place Im talking about and has tried, what was the answer?(cant tell more about the source, for them who use it, it should be enough to identify)
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05-17-03 01:30
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      Nitroethane is not illegal where raf ...  Bookmark   

Nitroethane is not illegal where raf lives.Some fuels also contain nitroethane.

For those about to synth,we salute you
05-17-03 15:05
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      nitroethane?  Bookmark   

I make my methylamine the old fashion way,I wouldn't use nitro if i had it.