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05-16-03 02:25
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      electrolytic reduction of nitrostyrene  Bookmark   

Electrolytic reduction of phenyl-2-nitropropene
I just follow the procedure listed in the Us patent and used latex as a membrane. The colour in the cathode compartment changed to wery deep purple.. Is this normal? Can i use 6M sulphuric acid in the anode compartment without any acetic acid or ethanol and must there be an equal volume in the cathode/anode?? The best material to use in the anode/cathode, i used Cu maybe Pb would work bether? I would be wery pleased if enyone have tryed this syntesis and would cher some experienses with me..blush (sorry for my bad english)
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05-16-03 03:38
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      Could you provide us with a reference to the...  Bookmark   

Could you provide us with a reference to the method you followed? I have never heard of latex being used as a membrane.

How much current could you pass through the membrane and at which voltage?

There are very few electrolytic bee's at the hive. Personally i would love to see some more experimentation being done on the field. But if you can provide the reference, it'll help a lot!


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05-16-03 04:41
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      latex  Bookmark   

I probably used to litle amperes, but i used a 24V 0,5 A power suply. The latex was from a glove and it vorks vell. I have no references but i read a reduction of ephendrine to meth on rhodium and they used a condom, which is latex. US 1,879,003
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05-16-03 05:29
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      The purple/blue color could be the result of...  Bookmark   

The purple/blue color could be the result of some hydrated copper ions which might have entered the solution. Did you see degradation of your cathode/anode plates?

What current density did you see at the cathode? The patent suggest 1/5 amp*cm^(-2)...

Also, how many fardays did you use per mole of subsrate? I really didn't think that latex was permeable for ions, but i might have been wrong. The writeup you are referring to are using lambgut condoms, which from natures side are permeable...

As a side note: does anyone know what the price approximately is for a divided cell comparment? It's really just plastic with some sort of fitting for the membrane, so i couldn't be that expensive...


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05-16-03 06:05
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      I don't think the current through a latex...  Bookmark   

I don't think the current through a latex membrane is high enough. Did you check the current (in A)?
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05-16-03 06:14
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      Generally speaking, what you usually want in...  Bookmark   

Generally speaking, what you usually want in such an electrolytic reaction is LOW voltage, and LOTS of Ampères. Excessive Volts only heat up your solution, it's the product of Ampères x Time (= numbers of electrons, measured in Faraday) that really counts.

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05-16-03 17:11
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      sheep intestine vs latex  Bookmark   

Never tried electrolytic reactions myself, but the write-ups using condoms always use natural lamb condoms, not latex.
     Assuming all condoms to be latex could mislead someone into thinking that latex was a semi-permeable membrane and thereby suitable for use in a divided cell.
05-17-03 12:10
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      Latex  Bookmark   

A quack friend told me that latex surgical gloves absorb moisture from sweaty hands, making the latex more pliable and stick to the hands like a second skin (hence use in comdoms). Even wet latex can't be a very good conductor though.
05-18-03 22:49
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      Thank to everybody, i could se some gas bubles  Bookmark   

Thank to everybody, i could se some gas bubles at the anode and the Cu was degraded but the solution turn into deep red when i solvated the styrene? But Latex leads ions, i didn`t measured the amp. But i will try this again and post the results. A car battery charger should hold enough power i think...

I also got another qestion: Could propylamine be used instead of butyl and cycloheksylamine in the condensation of benzaldehyde and nitroethane?laugh
(Hive Bee)
05-19-03 00:18
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      Propylamine might work.  Bookmark   

Propylamine might work. Methylamine gives excellent yeilds, so i dont see why propyl shouldn't


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05-20-03 16:38
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      One reason to use butylamine and homologs  Bookmark   

Propylamine has a rather low boiling point, so it might evaporate if you aren't running the reaction at RT in a tightly stoppered flask.
05-22-03 00:58
      Other reductions
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05-25-03 23:12
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      Propylamine  Bookmark   

Propylamine works ok.. but the reaction is very eksoterm. And the time of the reaction is shorter..
Anyone that have done an Na-Hg reduction? Is it enough to mix the nitrostyrene with cons aceticacid and mix in the Na-Hg? How many % Na in the amalgam works best?