Bubbleplate (Hive Bee)
05-16-03 07:40
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I've been away awile, so bear with me if someone has covered this before.

Patent US3365499 describes an "Improved Wacker" process whereby one adds the H2O AFTER the solvent, p-benzoquinone, palladium chloride and olefin have been mixed together, rather than adding the H2O upfront. The example given in the Patent claims a 12% increase in Ketone yield. Has anyone tried this or will I be the first to test this?

Also, if the favorite olefin is added all at once to the methanol, PdCl2, and p-benzoquinone, will that result in an exothermic reaction?
(Hive Bee)
05-16-03 10:14
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It was discussed not so long ago look at this thread
Post 390877 (SPISSHAK: "A good patent (benzo wacker modification)", Methods Discourse)

I think no one has tried yet or at least reported the results here.
The only bad thing are the ratios which are really high for palladium. Playing with reaction times might be able to solve this but it needs to be worked on, maybe you will do?