Castortrip (Hive Bee)
05-16-03 21:00
No 433591
      Broken sep funnel. can it be fixed?  Bookmark   

i was trying to turn the knob to drain my junk and it snapped right where the end of the bulb meets the turner/spindle thing. i have all the glass so like if i had something to get it back together it would be solid again, but i don't know of anything that can hold glass acceps cyanoacrylate which is acetone soluble...that wouldent do me much good...any suggestions?
(Hive Bee)
05-16-03 22:03
No 433599
      time to get a new funnel  Bookmark   

look's like cheap ol' SWICZ throwin $40 down on a new funnel lol.
05-16-03 22:10
No 433600
      glassblower  Bookmark   

A glass blower might fix it for less than $40.00 smile

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(Hive Bee)
05-16-03 22:56
No 433609
      Lugh said it. Very good form to have made a...  Bookmark   

Lugh said it.
Very good form to have made a working arrangement with a scientific glass blower. Even better form to be able to make small repairs on borosilicate oneself.
05-17-03 01:43
No 433627
      find a glassblower...  Bookmark   

In my experience, a glass blower will charge about twenty bucks or so to do the necessary repair. Part of the charge will be for "ashing" the broken parts prior to welding them. They put it in a kiln and ramp the temperature way up then back down to minimize the possibility of exposing the glassblower to toxins. Brand new glass doesn't need ashing and probably costs ten dollars to repair. At least in my neck of the woods.
(Hive Addict)
05-17-03 10:53
No 433676
      actually that's not why..  Bookmark   

they clean in an ultrasonic bath.. they cycle the ware cause the heat of welding the joint causes temper stress and strain, so the annealing of the repair joint must be done...

  That usually happens after the repair..

yah and that'll cost $20-40 or so.. they'll have to put a new stopcock in but not a problem..

Infinite Radiant Light - THKRA
05-17-03 15:30
No 433705
      ashing vs annealing  Bookmark   

Well, CL... my local scientific glassblower puts used glassware in the oven overnight to volatize anything nasty before doing repairs and they refer to this process as "ashing". Annealing happens afterward to relieve stress. Ashing, welding a fitting on and annealing costs twenty bucks. Drop it off monday, pick it up wednesday.
(Hive Bee)
05-17-03 17:14
No 433721
      hehe I might just do that ;-) ya think he will  Bookmark   

hehe I might just do thatwink ya think he will remove the stuck stopcock for me also? that fucking thing wont come out for anything!
05-17-03 19:01
No 433730
      yes he will...  Bookmark   

Your glassblower is able to remove a stuck stopcock and probably won't charge you for it if he's welding your funnel back together. Be sure to ask if they have any glassware laying around that you might be able to use, mine had a box full of useful (for me)RBF's they were willing to sell for next to nothing because they'd been in the way for a few years. Every bee should try to meet a scientific glass blower if possible. And since we all probably like to tour a shop full of cool tools, it's a fun afternoon.
(Hive Bee)
05-19-03 03:54
No 434066
      A Tip  Bookmark   

Remember to clean it thoroughly before taking it in to get repaired.

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(Hive Bee)
05-20-03 16:18
No 434338
      Calcium- I like your glass man...  Bookmark   

Calcium- I like your glass man... my guy is a little more than that. Does he do mail-order. PM me, if so.

I have this wunderful, large Branson ultrosonics cleaner- BUT it doesn't work. The digital controls are f*&^%$ed!!!

I gotta quit getting this stuff that allllmoossssttt works, but not quite.

the pile is getting deep.
(Hive Bee)
05-20-03 23:25
No 434398
      Hey jimwig, lots of places can fix your ultrasonic  Bookmark   

Google for someplace that fixes lab equipment and analytical balances... I bet they can make your bath shake! Or just contact the manufacturer, they'll do it or recommend someone.
(Hive Bee)
05-27-03 09:01
No 435820
      I  Bookmark   

I used 5 minute epoxy on my filter funnel, still holding after many uses. I'd try it on the sep funnel.

(Hive Bee)
05-27-03 23:19
No 435927
      hmmm well i wanna see a glassblower...askin...  Bookmark   

hmmm well i wanna see a glassblower...askin him for all that unused glass he's got layin atround is vrrry tempting laughwink but did you have boiling hot NPs and shit in it while the epoxy was holding it? cause I mean if your posative it'll hold thru annnything ill give it a try, and beat it on the fuckin floor to make sure the crap holds just so i can break it for an excuse to go see a glass blower [MwaHHaH]smile
(Hive Bee)
05-28-03 11:16
No 436045
      well  Bookmark   

A filter funnel does not undergo the same torture a sep funnel could be put thru,,,,,,
If you need it in 5 minutes, use the epoxy. If it's not needed right away, see the glassblower.