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05-17-03 08:09
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      freebasing 5-meo-dipt  Bookmark   

Im wondering what are some good techniques for freebasing 5-meo-dipt.  Ive read that household ammonia and petroleum ether will work, but petroleum ether is hard to get.  I need to get a good yield since the amount is so small, and easy to get ingredients.  Any help would be appreciated
(Hive Bee)
05-17-03 11:44
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      Swim used to freebase 5-meo-dipt and smoke it.  Bookmark   

Swim used to freebase 5-meo-dipt and smoke it. Just place the amount you want to smoke on some foil and drip a strong ammonia solution on it. A few drops will do. Let it rest for a few minutes and let the excess ammonia evaporate. Apply low heat under the foil for some seconds to drive off the rest. When it doesn't smell like ammonia anymore apply the flame directly under the foil and smoke with a straw. Works like a charm!


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05-18-03 06:18
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      I like this method better..  Bookmark   

For whatever it's worth.. I used to mix a 1:1 ratio of sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) and DMT-Hydrochloride, then add a few drops of H2O to make it moist. It was smoked out of a test tube. If it worked for DMT, then it'll work for meo-dpt.. Peace!cool

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05-19-03 15:51
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      naptha ok for foxy crystals  Bookmark   

Naptha and lye worked fine, altough I found that the base was no more impressive (which was suprising) than the oral activity.
05-26-03 22:05
      Hotrailing tryptaines
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05-26-03 22:09
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      any method of ingestion with this material...  Bookmark   

any method of ingestion with this material thats gonna keep it out of your belly is going to significantly cut down on that not-so-fresh feelingcrazy

shit...I found out it was all just one big manic episode!