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05-19-03 11:03
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      how to extract Thujone from sage? ( absinthe )  Bookmark   

I have a few question regarding the chemicel thujone.
This chemicel is found in herbs such as Wormwood and Sage.
it is said that the effect of smoking thujone is very similar to THC and it effects.
I have read about extracting Thujone from Wormwood by soaking it in Alcohol, but didn't quite get the rest.
I would like to know how to extract thujone from Sage (also Wormwood could help) and how to make it in a form to be smoked.
I would also enjoy as much details regarding thujone.
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05-20-03 04:16
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      A little help
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Have some balls and drink it in the alcohol.  It's the most well known way to ingest it and it's called absinthe.  My simplest recipe:

*Take 750 mL of anisette liquor (Pernod is traditional but I like Lebanese Arak.  If you're in a place with a large Arab population and you got cash, look for zakhlawi Arak.)

* Let one-half oz. (depends on taste and strength) of wormwood sit in Arak for 4-7 days.  Just play around, I don't know your wormwood.  If you have Bedouin in the area mix it with desert wormwood (Artemisia Herba Alba) that you obtain fresh from them.

In separate container take Everclear 95% desirable.  Add 1/2 oz. fennelseed, 1/2 oz. wormwood, a small bundle of mint and 3 tablespoons of sugar.  Keep this bottle in a hot place for the 4-7 days.

Mix the two bottles together and add 16mL of concentrated wormwood oil.  If you can't measure that out, half of a small (30mL) shotglass will do.  Accuracy isn't essential.

Serve on ice, while caramelizing sugar into glass from spoon.  Do this by taking a tablespoon of sugar and dipping in 'sinthe.  Then hold spoon 1 foot above glass (yes, it needs to be high or everything will set on fire) and light it.  Let the caramelizing sugar drip in.  Mix well and drink.  Tastes pretty bad, but if you get used to it it is a sipping drink.  If not forget the whole sugar thing and pour it into frozen shot glass and drink.

Also, note: the oil does not mix well with the rest, especially frozen.  So don't freeze it and shake it well for a couple fo minutes 5 times a day for three days.  Oh, the ice and any water or tonic you may add to dilute should turn it from green to sickly yellow.  That is a good thing.

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05-20-03 04:58
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Do a Search (top row icons!) on absinthe, type it in the Subject / Body window, and you will find at this date 81 posts, some of them very informing. LT/

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05-20-03 06:28
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Just read an excellent absinthe thread here at the hive.  Want to clear up a couple of things:

First off, wormwood extract added to any alcohol will enhance the effects in an absinthe like way.  Leaving wormwood in alcohol will also work if you use grain alcohol.  And yes, it is psychoactive.  If you are using dried wormwood make sure to wash it off first.  The same must be done for calamus if calamus is added.  Calamus is a good idea, though, I like the effect, but the taste (already bad) is worsened.  You should also run your filtered product through a filter (even a bandana works, if you ran out of filter paper).  Notice all the crap left over.  Other great additives include crushed betel nuts and my favorite brew I call Laudasinthe.  It's similar to the above preparation but only grain alcohol is used and papaver somniferum is added.  I do not use much papaver, only already milked plant matter.

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05-20-03 08:31
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thanks but most of the information is how to make the drink absinth which I know how to make. and the information is regarding only Wormwood.
I would like to know how to extract it from Sage? and I would like to know how to make it in a way it can be smoked, not drank.
I have searched for a long time for these topics and haven't found a thing.
I do know Sage has thie chimecel, But it doesn't say how to extract it and to make it in a form for smoking.
thanks again
05-20-03 10:40
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      Steam Distillation  Bookmark   

Steam distil it just like every other essential oil we know and love.
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05-20-03 14:09
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      Steam Distillation  Bookmark   

You'll end up with other stuff if you steam distill.  You'll need to fractionally vacuum distill if you are looking for thujone alone (99%+ pure).  Otherwise, steam distillation will work fine.
(Hive Bee)
05-20-03 14:54
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      steam distill first, yes?  Bookmark   

So starting with wormwood or sage or whatever plant material, you'd steam distill first then fractionally distill to get your thujone, yes?
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05-20-03 17:23
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As I said, unless you want thujone in high purity, the vacuum distillation is unnecessary.  The steam distillation should be performed first in either case.  The second distillation is just to isolate each of the components of the oil.  (thujone is just one of who-knows-how-many components)
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06-09-03 08:47
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Have you made any progress London?  The posts here should have directed you to learn from Rhodium's site about extractions.  If not, here is some general technique as a starting trial for your extraction.  It is micro-scale so you can try it a few times without fucking stuff up.  Measurements are not tested and thus not precise, they are only a starting point.  Only experimentation will tell how much of everything.  Feel free to ask questions, if the search engine doesn't answer them.  This is also minimal on equipment.  This is just how I would get started:

Place 5g of pulverized wormwood (or sage I guess) in a 50-mL rbf with a few boiling stones and add 20mL diethyl ether (or try another solvent, such as dcm).  Attach a condenser and reflux for 45-60 min.  U probably don't have a hot plate, but don't use an open flame.  Cover your stove top with metal - u can buy large stove covers that Orthodox Jews use due to Sabbath consideration; or more ghetto, cover the flame with a metal pan (in this case use something less flammable han ether).  Then let everything cool for a short period of time (go have a cigarette).  Filter your product paper as well as you can (wich may just mean doubled up coffee filters a few times.  Collect in another small flask.  Rinse out the first flask with a few mL of solvent and filter that.  Remove the solvent by simple distillatinon of the product mixture on the same hotplate/pan/etc. u used before.

Dissolve the oil you have left over in acetone while heating via hot-water bath.  Pour the dissolved solution into a third flask and let it cool at room temperature (this is to keep it pure, read the sticky threads in the newbee forum).  After all the moisture looks like it's gone, leave your product out to dry on coffee filter paper, to absorb any leftover humidity. 

Make sure to do this in a well-ventilated area with proper safety procedures.  Do not pour your diethyl ether down the drain.

Post note: if you can't set up proper ventilation, don't use diethyl ether.  In fact, 95% ethanol grain alcohol should work for thujone.  If you can find out thujone's boiling point (Merck Index), then this should work much better.  You should find a place that has diagrams of reflux and distillation set-ups such as Rhodium's site or, better, a chembook from a used book store.  You may also be able to cut out the reflux step if the boiling point is low enough and you have a hot plate or can set up an oil bath.  Alternately, a vaccum could be used to lower the pressure.

I myself am a newbee, so maybe someone can help out here.

Rainbows & Butterflies Forever :)