Glacial_Refluxer (Stranger)
05-19-03 16:24
No 434222
      Useing Tri-sodium phosphate in A/B extractions  Bookmark   

Its much cheaper than sodium hydroxide in swims town and it
leaves that slippery feeling on the skin like lye so do you
think it could be used or would it be to weak of a base?
(Hive Addict)
05-19-03 16:52
No 434229
      basicity  Bookmark   

too weak
(Hive Addict)
05-19-03 23:44
No 434281
      Confused  Bookmark   

Many bees are advocating the use of sodium carbonate + heat to base during acid base extraction of pseudo pills to circumvent the orange gakk and according to Shorty, tri-sodium phosphate works?

Post 433617 (SHORTY: "Tri-Sodium Phosphate", Stimulants)

Sodium carbonate reaches a ph of 12? and Geez reports success. Shorty says tri-sodium phosphate reaches 13.

Now Swim is more confused then before.

Damn search engine and its conflicting reports. tongue
05-20-03 00:37
No 434289
      Ph test  Bookmark   

Well I did a room temp ph test [paper strips] with TSP and

SC reached 10ish

TSP reached 13ish

Swim beelieves TSP will work to basify ephedrine and

The wet SC doesnt leave that soapy skin feel like the lye
and TSP do.

Everywhare swim looks there are 5 gallon buckets of TSP
hence the intrest on the subject.
(Distinctive Doe)
05-22-03 19:40
No 434861
      Merck Index Says  Bookmark   

"pH of 0.1% solution 11.5
pH of 0.5% solution 11.7
pH of 1% solution 11.9

Technical crystals are sometimes made with excess alkali to prevent caking and give a more alkaline solution"

The "excess alkali" would bee sodium hydroxide.
(Hive Addict)
05-22-03 21:34
No 434887
      triphos  Bookmark   

If the triphos is pure (no NaOH) and the pH still reaches into the 11-13 range, it just might work.  But I don't think that pure Triphos is going to be that basic. Look up the values for pure and see.
(Distinctive Doe)
05-23-03 18:49
No 435070
      Those are the values for pure, they just added  Bookmark   

Those are the values for pure, they just added that note to explain possible variations when you have technical grade.

Read and Listen!!!