praeseodymium (Stranger)
05-22-03 07:24
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      dissolving Al and NaOH reduction of acetone  Bookmark   

In an experimental dream it was noted with interest the result from the following : To a flask containing ~50ml relatively conc. aqueous NaOH is added a few pieces of thick Al foil.
An exothermic dissolving metal reaction begins, with fizzing and production of gas. To this reaction 10ml acetone is added. After a period determined by the foil thickness, the temperature and the concentration of the NaOH the reaction stops leaving a reasonably clear solution if enough NaOH is added to dissolve all the Al. The acetone smell is completely replaced by the distinct smell of isopropyl alcohol.

There has been considerable discussion regarding the necessity of the Hg in reductive amination to produce the electronegative environment required, but I have not been able to find much which addresses what I dreamed. My q: Does anyone know the applicability of this to other reductions?
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05-22-03 20:38
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      Distillation  Bookmark   

Did you distill to find the yield?  You should do this to determine the actual effectiveness of this method towards acetone.  It may only be producing a small amount of the alcohol, which could overpower the smell of the remaining acetone.  Interesting experiment though.
05-23-03 16:17
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      Alas,  Bookmark   

no access distillation rig is available. Sorry crazy

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