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05-23-03 06:02
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After studying this excellent post Post 434950 (Chimimanie: "On 2C-T-x precursors", Novel Discourse), I wondered if the mercapto-group (or whatever it's called.... My nomenclature-skills are a bit rusty) can stand reduction with LAH?
I recon normal condensation with nitromethane would behave just fine with the compound (Z)?
My knowledge about sulphur-containing compounds is rather limited...

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05-23-03 07:30
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Hi! smile thank you for your comments

Yes the 4-alkylthio groups are stable to LAH, its the way good doctor Shulgin use to synthetise the various 2-CT. (benzaldehyde ->  nitrostyrene --LAH--> amine)


For others question, please use the appropriate thread Post 434950 (Chimimanie: "On 2C-T-x precursors", Novel Discourse)