Plague (Stranger)
05-24-03 08:20
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      Spectrophotofluorometer of any use?  Bookmark   

Simple enough question, research has proven interesting, but would like to hear from those who know better...
Would a spectrophotofluorometer be of any use for analysis?
(Hive Bee)
05-24-03 21:44
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      i don't know of how much use...  Bookmark   

All the spectrophotometer can tell you is the concentration of a colored species in liquid... I mean we did some quantitative analysis with it in a chem lab. Some ion forms a colored complex, then do dilutions and a few simple calculations and you have the molarity of the ion. *shrug*


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(Hive Bee)
05-25-03 11:35
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      Actually, if I understand ...  Bookmark   

Actually, if I understand "spectrophotofluorometer" correctly.. The device in question is a fluorescence soectrometer, which does not tell you the concentration of a colored species in solution. A fluorescence spectrophotometer measures emission, not absorption/transmittance.  Such a thing probably is not of a whole lot of use for like, determining the identity of an unknown substance, unless the substance you're looking for fluoresces, and you know what its emission spectrum looks like..