praeseodymium (Stranger)
05-24-03 02:59
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not sure where this really should go, but whatever.

There is a guru on a mountain who uses cloves as a source of scent - they are placed in a small foil tray, suspended about 50mm above the flame of a candle.

Sometimes the tray is not emptied for a day or more after the candle goes out (it burns for about 3 hrs)
One day the guru noticed a white, fluffy crystal-growth like structure extending from the lower regions of the tray where heating was strongest, "growing" up from the most heated cloves. The first time the guru noticed this he suoposed it might be a mould growing on some caramelised constituents. But the second time he looked with much scrutiny and decided that it was indeed a crystalline structure, not biological. Something was being made/distilled from the cloves in enough amounts to crystallise. What could this be? eugenol is liquid at this temp; camphor is too volatile to remain for as long as a day with such fine structure.

Does anyone have any ideas about what this might be?

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