supernate (Newbee)
05-24-03 21:53
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i recently obtained a bottle conaining 1g/50mL lidocaine.HCl + epinephrine injection USP and i was wondering what could be done with either alkaloid? i have heard of a mysterious "adrenochrome" which can be obtained by an oxidation of epinephrine, but i have only heard of this adrenochrome as a psychocative through the writings of hunter s thompson. im open to suggestions on what to do with this stuff. it wont do me much good as a local anesthetic.

(Hive Addict)
05-24-03 22:28
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lidocaine and epinephrine are both just a waste of time.
(Chief Bee)
05-25-03 02:01
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Alkylation of Xylocaine with benzyl chloride to form the quaternary ammonium salt will give you Denatonium chloride, which is more known as its benzoate salt (Denatonium Benzoate), as it is the world’s bitterest known substance. 30 ppm of it added to any liquid (such as ethanol) renders it too bitter for most human test subjects to tolerate it.
05-25-03 02:06
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xylocaine (brand name) is a mixture of two active components. which one are you alkylating, epinephrine or lidocaine?
(Chief Bee)
05-25-03 02:21
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No, Xylocaine (brand name) and Lidocaine (generic name) are synonyms, see

I was referring to Lidocaine. It is possible that the preparation you are referring to also contains epinephrine (adrenaline), but that is not part of the definition for Xylocaine.