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05-26-03 16:36
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      removal of TBAF?  Bookmark   

Is there an easy way to remove tetrabutylammoniumfluoride (TBAF) or other TBA-salts from your rxn-product, in cases where recrystallisation won´t work (other than ion-exchange chromatography)??
This TBA-stuff sticks to my product all the way through extracting, washing, and more than one flash-silicagel-chromatography!
05-26-03 21:41
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      Which product?  Bookmark   

Which product?
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05-26-03 22:09
No 435686
      distillation?  Bookmark   

05-26-03 22:55
No 435699
      produkt = 1,2-Biphenylacetylene  Bookmark   

products = different 1,2-Biphenylacetylenes from two succeesing Sonogashira-rxn with TMS-Acetylen and aromatic iodides
TBAF was used for removal of TMS-Group after first Sonogashira-rxn(destillation seems unprobable, products are crystalline solids)
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06-20-03 00:02
No 441134
      Silica gel should remove it.  Bookmark   

Silica gel should remove it. Use the good 200mesh merck stuff. If that doesn't work, (I couldn't tell you why not)
use cation exchange resin.