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05-26-03 20:02
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SO what's the scoop in CA eh?

- I've an opportunity to summer near the CA border.  Besides being amazingly awesome and an average of 20 degrees F cooler than the rest of the US during these upcoming months, it seems CA is slightly less anal than the US regarding precursors etc…

I've some quick questions along these lines for anyone that may know…


Mushroom spores available legally/easily via mail order - true or false?

Is it easy to get 1000 count bottles of pseudo? (if there is such a thing anymore)
(would it be a mail order thing too?)

Is Sassafras oil easier to get in CA than in the US?
(just hit up herb shops? And or mail order?)

Apparently if one had a Canadian equivalent of a P.O. Box it would be helpful. 

So - what IS the CA equivalent of a "Post Office Box" and what would the details be in getting one?  (I've heard some mention of "hollowed out trees " but I've thought that was just a rumor wink )

Speaking of mail order - probably a credit card of money order drawn on a Canadian account might be helpful (but not necessarily necessary).  Besides bringing cash anything special about 'Canadian Money Orders' (just get them at the post office like in the U.S.?)  I wonder if you have to be a Canadian Citizen proper to have a Canadian bank account - do they have debit cards linked to accounts like in the U.S.

OK Kids - TIA


Where the FUCK is my medication!
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05-26-03 21:33
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ephedrine hydrochloride in mass bottles be bought at health stores
sass oil can be bought at stores
our po boxes are still called po boxes
po boxes require id to rent out
there is a such thing called international money orders that can be gotten anywhere
anything else?

Just work it baby!
05-27-03 03:48
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      Mushroom are legal in any way except dried (!  Bookmark   

Mushroom are legal in any way except dried (!), spore are legal, poppy are legal, marijuana seed are legal. Canada is really less strict on drug.

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05-27-03 04:26
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Keep this in mind... Post 403649 (katsogiannos: "Precursor control in Canada list of chemicals", Law and Order)
IRT Class A precusors -
"Safrole (5,(2-propenyl)1,3-benzodioxole) and any essential oil containing safrole "
(Synaptic Self-Mutilator)
05-27-03 15:24
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100 count bottles of 12.5mg ephedrine can be found at health food stores, nothing larger these days. Sassafras is just as hard to find in the U.S., but it's easily available with sizes up to 1L, and it's not entirely impossible to buy drums--tho complicated. Mushrooms are not legal as they contain the active ingredients. Poppies are not legal, but their seeds are. Marijuana seeds are sold, but I don't think that they are legal. Hemp can be grown with a government permit... a lot of precursors are easier to come by.
05-27-03 17:29
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Marijuana seed are legal, but not to grow, for poppy you are right: somniferum is illegal but the other kind that look like it very much is.



(Sections 2 to 7, 29, 55 and 60)

1. Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum), its preparations, derivatives, alkaloids and salts, including:
but not including
(37) Poppy seed

I red in the upper post that RP wasn't illegal, so which kind of market would sell it (hardware, garden...?) and what are it uses. Or i can obly be bought from chemical company?

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05-27-03 19:51
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      thanks all! - I'm off to the Great White North!!  Bookmark   

thanks all! - I'm off to the Great White North!!


Where the FUCK is my medication!
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05-27-03 20:40
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i bot a barrel of red phosphorus for $500.
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05-28-03 00:13
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They are legal since they contain no thc. Marijuana seeds are sold im many stores, and its easy to choose the kind you like, they even offer 100% female seeds. You're just not allowed to grow them. Same goes for psylocibine(magic mushrooms). Legal to sell and buy, illegal to grow. The fun thing about mushrooms is that they come all ready, only needing water. If you remember those little animals that grew grass on their back when you added water. It`s the exact same thing except that mushrooms grows on it instead of grass

I know RP and iodine crystals are easy to get here, no questions asked(at least from my supplier)

Less then a year from now, smoking a joint and getting caught will cost a fine, no criminal record anymore!
05-28-03 11:55
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I want to believe this but it's hard to get my mind around it right now...

In CA you buy these at head shops?  Montreal?  Vancouver?  Kenora?

Sounds like a sweet deal, eh?
05-28-03 22:59
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      yes, in some only  Bookmark   

yes, in some only

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05-29-03 17:15
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I know of four shops in town that sell seeds and spore syringes, and they openly advertise these too.  Catalogues and all.  They even answer questions on how to get started. 

One place you could walk out with seeds, a hydro system and a book to tell you what to do.

Canada rocks eh!
(Hive Bee)
05-31-03 08:43
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colonized (ps cubensis) brown rice flour cakes, two blocks from here

Organic, non-GMO


A cry for help - a hint of anaesthesia