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05-27-03 14:11
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      gbl extraction?  Bookmark   

there is a liquid which contains gbl, Methylpyrrolidon, and Dimethylester. i think the Dimethylester is a substace which is in german called "Maleinsäuredimethylester"

i want to know more about these substaces and how to extract the glb from this liquid?
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05-27-03 19:34
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      Separation of GBL and NMP  Bookmark   

Separation of GBL and NMP (N-methylpyrrolidinone) has been discussed before, plug in a few of these synonyms in TFSE and see for yourself.
05-28-03 03:46
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      and whats about the Dimethylester?  Bookmark   

and whats about the Dimethylester?
05-28-03 06:47
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      Maleic acid dimethyl ester maybe?  Bookmark   

Maleic acid dimethyl ester maybe?
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05-29-03 23:37
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      NMP/GBL/dimethylmaleate separation  Bookmark   

The same thing holds true for NMP as for dimethylmaleate - after complete hydrolysis to the free acids, only the GHB re-esterifies with ease in a slightly acid aqueous solution, forming GBL (which can then be steam distilled off), while the amino-acid from NMP and the maleic acid stays in their acid form and will be pretty non-volatile.
05-29-03 23:39
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this should be in another forum
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      misinforming?  Bookmark   

Oh, would you care to tell the audience which forum the extraction of GBL from a cleaning mixture should be placed, if not in

Chemicals & Equipment - Construction of lab equipment, sourcing and extraction of chemicals
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You specifically asked for the reason why some bee thought the discussed topic belonged elsewhere - and I thought since nobody replied during the last few months, I would be allowed to post my opinion about the subject...frown

In case it was irony; why didn't you use a smiley then? (Post 462395 (Rhodium: "The last part is incorrect.", Chemicals & Equipment)

Anyway: if you think a thread is too old to take up any more useful information - why don't you just close it??

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