bones (Newbee)
05-28-03 01:07
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      NO2Eth from rc fuel?? mabey?  Bookmark   

luckly i have a decent supply of nitroethane... however it wont last forever... obviously it must be synthesised at some point... but from what ive read it seems pretty difficult for ppl without a lab.... so i did a quick search on google.. and came across heaps of websites for rc fuel claiming the superiority of their fuel... one site said that their fuel used only NO2Methane.. as the nitro sourse... and suggested that many other "inferior" brands used cheeper sourses such as nitroethane.... well... NO2eth and NO2mth differ by about 10 degrees or so with regards to boiling points... i assume from that they could be seperated via extremely careful i wondered if anyone had considered testing some "inferior" brands for NO2ethane content?  seems like a nice progect for someone with a distillation apparatus and a free weekend.

i supose i could grab a few brands and try a few... others could do the same... and the worst that happens is that you get some nitromethane that im sure could be used for something :D
(Hive Bee)
05-28-03 06:45
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      They all state the same...  Bookmark   

They all state the same... That their fueld contains none of that shitty nitroethane and only PURE nitromethane. Guess drugchemists-ppl and racecar-ppl have quite different view on whats crappy ;)

Only seen nitroethane for pulblic one place and they where not to happy about shipping to far...


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