Buster_Hymen (Resident Smart Assium)
05-28-03 07:30
No 436011
      Mole Sieves  Bookmark   

Can you tell visually if mole sieves are saturated with water?

Some of the 3 sieves in the above image have turned a darker color than the others. Does this mean they are loaded up and no longer pulling water from the solvent?

And if you can't tell visually when they are past their prime, what is the general rule of thumb re: their use?

Can I bake them in the oven to drive the water out, and re-use them? If so, what temp., and for how long?

(HyperLab Bee)
05-28-03 09:05
No 436026
      Regeneration of molecular sieves  Bookmark   

To regenerate MS heat up it to 250 C for 2 hours
(Hive Bee)
05-28-03 18:39
No 436104
      microwave  Bookmark   

When I put 4A molecular sieve in the MW oven, they melt, and glow orange after 1 min 30! The heat they generate even broke the flask!

It was Hest who said to put them in MW until they melt....

Its really impressive to say the least!cool