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...Synthesis and Pharmacology of N-(1-Phenylpyrazolyl)-N-(1-phenylalkyl-4-piperidyl)propanamides

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Volume 10, Issue 3 , March 2002, Pages 817-827

Nadine Jagerovica, Carolina Canoa, José Elgueroa, Pilar Goya, Luis F. Calladob, J. Javier Meanab, Rocío Girónc, Raquel Abaloc, David Ruizc, Carlos Goicoecheac and M. Isabel Martínc

Abstract: The synthesis of new fentanyl analogues in which the benzene ring of the propioanilido group has been replaced by phenylpyrazole is described. Antinociceptive activity was evaluated using the writhing and hot plate tests in mice. Two compounds, 3b and 3d, showed interesting analgesic properties, being more potent than morphine and less than fentanyl but with longer duration of action. These compounds inhibited the electrically evoked muscle contraction of guinea pig ileum and mouse vas deferens but not that of rabbit vas deferens and the effects could be reversed by antagonists (naloxone and/or CTOP), thus indicating that the compounds acted as  agonists. Finally, the binding data confirmed that the compounds had high affinity and selectivity for the  receptor.


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This one is on rhodium also
../rhodium/pdf /longactingfentanylanalogs.pdf

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I posted it in Post 335025 (Rhodium: "Long-Acting Fentanyl Analogues", General Discourse) right after it was requested in Post 335023 (Cyrax: "Anansi, you are completely right !!!", General Discourse), soif you had UTFSE'd for the citation, you had found my post adjacent to it.

Can you please begin searching better before you post, as it has been quite a few instances lately where you have posted dupes...