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05-28-03 22:33
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      LiI rearrangement  Bookmark   

Must the epoxide rearrangement with LiI Be done under completly anhydrous conditions  for the reaction to work.  In a recent attempt there seemed to be some water droplets that made there way into solution causing the LiI to take on the color of iodine. Seems like I2 was being formed in there somewhere. 0.4m% LiI was used with a etAcOh to eopxide ratio was1:10. t-6Hrs Reduction of the product from that reaction yeilded only 5% amine.  BTW ethyl acetate is great for extracting an oxone mixture.  No filtering nescesary..

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05-29-03 16:40
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      I think it needs to be anhydrous.  Bookmark   

I think it needs to be anhydrous. LiI is very hygroscopic and quite light-sensitive as far as I know.

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