FloridaAlchemist (Stranger)
05-29-03 05:49
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      Looking for Preparative Inorganic Chemistry  Bookmark   

Does anyone have the ebooks for Preparative Inorganic Chemistry, Vol I and II, G. Brauer
server address is
(Hive Bee)
05-29-03 19:39
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      zeroxed all the first volume  Bookmark   

yes - zeroxed all the first volume and most of second several years ago. nice stuff.

they are in the university libraries almost all without fail.

If your local library - the one whose card is in your pocket has interlibrary loan - then find them in the closest big U. and request them (provided they are not reference material) and Voila - problem solved. Cept for the money to copy them.

Sorta like this cat ref.:
Author: Brauer, Georg. 
Title: Handbook of preparative inorganic chemistry. 
Uniform Title: [Handbuch der präparativen anorganischen Chemie. English] 
Edition: 2d ed. Translated by Scripta Technica, inc. Translation editor: Reed F. Riley. 
Publisher: New York, Academic Press, 1963-65. 
Description: 2 v. (xxvii, 1859 p.) illus. 24 cm. 
Notes: Includes bibliographical references. 
Subject(s): Chemistry, Inorganic. 
Call Number: QD151 .B733 
Number of Items: 1 
Status: Not Charged 
Volumes Owned: vol. 2 

I am making this way to simplistic-------help me I'm drowning.
05-30-03 04:12
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      Yes they are available here too but are ...  Bookmark   

Yes they are available here too but are reference...I just wanted them in ebook or pdf for all us bees..
(Hive Bee)
05-30-03 15:18
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      I have volume 2 only  Bookmark   

I have volume 1 only (2nd hand). Not in electronic form.
(Hive Bee)
06-02-03 01:46
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      "I just wanted them in ebook or pdf for...  Bookmark   

"I just wanted them in ebook or pdf for all us bees"