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05-29-03 16:30
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      PdCl2 prices in the Uk  Bookmark   

ok so about now your gonna say UTFSE! but i have and the only infomation there is on American prices I am currently on offer at 48.99 per gram for palladium chloride reagant grade and 29.99 per 100g of para-benzoquinone. Can UK bees give me advise on whether these are average or shit prices. Thanks.
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05-29-03 17:07
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      I'd say it's average shit prices  Bookmark   

I'd say it's average shit prices

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05-29-03 18:15
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      p-benzoquinone  Bookmark   

I'd say the p-benzoquinone is pretty expensive. I can get it for ca 50 US$ per kg (from a major chem supplier).

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06-10-03 02:56
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      p-benzoquinone expensive  Bookmark   

Certainly available for under 20 per 100g. You still have the overhead of putting in a credible order. Palladium chloride, I haven't found a good source for in the UK.

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06-10-03 18:42
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Not that I've ever purchased PdCl2 or para-benzoquinone, but the former can be had for under 25/g if you buy 25g at a time (but around 45 for 1g), and the latter shouldn't be much more than 40/kilo.

Be aware that they may be watched over here; the UK Government haven't published their entire list of watched chemicals, but it'd be safe to assume everything contained in Post 404441 (psych0t1c: "Precursor/chemical control in Germany", Law and Order) will be on it.