Daphuk_up (Hive Bee)
05-30-03 05:45
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      5-Meo decomposition  Bookmark   

SWID has had a small quantity of the research chem 5-Meo-DMT for many years now.  It was originally dissolved in water in order to obtain proper doses, and has since set on a shelf (room temp, little or no light) for about two years.  When SWID recently brought it out, the liquid inside had turned a dark brown color.  (Was originally a clear solution.)  The amount of 5-Meo is small (less than 200mg), and so isolation and attempt to fractionally distill (if that is even possible with this compound) would be wasteful and pointless.  Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing the color change, and what if any the various decompostion products could be. (Note:  SWID isn't the brightest bulb, and back then even dimmer.  He used regular tap water, not distilled.crazy)

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