Schwa (Stranger)
05-31-03 07:55
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In the rhelm of general public opinion, what would bee the most nearly fool-proof and practical method for the synthesis.  I have read most of the sources, so I do not need an arrogent SOB to refer me to Rhodium's page.  If I wanted that I would have stayed in higher ed.  What I do need is a qualified opinion on the subject and a brief case full of krugerands.

After all, I am just an upside down e.
(Chief Bee)
06-01-03 11:32
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Read this about krugerands (
06-02-03 10:37
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Oh, now I see that there are many ways to misspell the proper name of the South African gold dingus.  On my own, I did would not go for the "roullex" in Chinatown, but I might fall for a knock off gold piece in Johannesburg.  I guess I'm

After all, I am just an upside down e.
(Chief Bee)
06-02-03 17:10
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But to get on topic again, I'd reccommend that you read ../rhodium/chemistry /tryptophan.html - it has everything you need to know to convert Tryptophan to Tryptamine, and then to convert this to DMT you use Post 435056 (Rhodium: "DMT from Tryptamine/NaBH3CN/37% HCHO", Tryptamine Chemistry) or possibly the experimental procedure in Post 436291 (Lego: "What am I not seeing here?", Tryptamine Chemistry).