06-01-03 06:31
No 436973
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2-dimethylaminopyrazine looks very intresting from clandestine point of view, check out this patent: Patent US3249503

Needless to say, it's easier to prepare than a portion of noodles...


For the preparation of its precursor (2-chloropyrazine) check out this JACS article [JACS 74, 1580 (1952)]:

I hope that I used TFSE hard enough this time, otherwise I'm waiting for a crude remark by Rhodi

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(Hive Addict)
06-01-03 07:08
No 436975
      Wow  Bookmark   

That one looks damn interesting....*meow*
It is also a most potent LSD antagonist.

(Hive Bee)
06-01-03 08:59
No 436990
      Indeed, this is VERY interesting.  Bookmark   

Indeed, this is VERY interesting.

I wonder who 's the first human cat going to bee, to try out this compound smile.

Congrats, pharmacist smile

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(Hive Bee)
06-01-03 12:46
No 437047
      The dosages are quite high aren't they?  Bookmark   

The dosages are quite high aren't they? They suggest 200 mg's/kg for a cat... Thats about a gram for a cat. A big fellow would have to do several grams?

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