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Correlation of DMT Freebase to Ayahuasca/Pharmahuasca Preparations

DMT Freebase Amt: 30 mgs
DMT Freebase Booster:  15 mgs

  Due to the lack of information as to dosages and the correlation between DMT Freebase and potential pharmahuasca preparations, this information has been prepared. This document does not discuss the 2-3 gms of syrian rue or B. cappi vine Mao inhibitors that are necessary for activation, which are described elsewhere on the net.
From Shulgin in Tikhal we find that he had no success in crystallizing the Hydrochloride salt of the free base (HCl) .  Therefore the weight of material may be assumed to be the freebase and Mole adjustment of amounts for the HCl salt should not be necessary.  (The m.p. range for the freebase is 47-67 deg. C  and the HCl salt is reported to be 167deg C.   A  m.p. test may be run if there are any questions. ). 
The methodology took the average DMT dose from Ott's Tables in Ayahuasca Analogs.  The values in these potions matched the bio-assay amounts done on Syrian Rue / Psychotria  Viridis  mixtures.

   In table C of Ott's Work Ayahuasca Analogs we  find the following Analysis:

    Table II-C--Reported Analyses of Ayahuasca Potions

(Average Per Dose) .........BetaCarbolines.............DMT
Der Marderosian       20 mg               30 mg
et al 1970 (1)
Rivier & Lindgren 1972 (9)   40 mg                   25 mg
McKenna et al 1984 (5)      401 mg       36 mg
Liwszyc et al 1992          144 mg            26 mg
(1, Santo Daime)
Overall Avg (all 16 samples)158 mg       29 mg

From this table it can be seen that the average dose when potentiated by the Maoi-b inhibitors found in the
Harmaline alkaloids, is 29 mgs.

Based upon an average analysis of the potentcy of the Psychotria Viridis  of  .20% /gram of DMT, then a dosage of 15 grams of dried leaf would give approximately   30 mgs of DMT.  This amount was found to do nicely bio-assay with a 6 hour total journey time.

Analysis of the Mimosa Hostilis rootbar amounts recommended ( 8gms)  when correlated with the amount of DMT found in the rootbark (average .57%) gives a total dosage of 45mgs of DMT in the potion.  Given that reports of MHRB journeys are typically more intense, this would correlate well with the higher doses.

Based upon the Bio-Assay results,  Ott's Reports, and the Anecdotal Trip report recommendations, the amount of pure N,N-DimethylTryptamine to use in an initial Pharmahuasca preparation would be  30mgs.  Boosters of  15mgs may be utilized on the downside of the peak to extend and re-energize the experience. Of course, more experienced psychonauts would want to adjust the dosages accordinginglywink

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