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06-03-03 04:19
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      NH4Cl...easy OTC....IN OZ?!?!  Bookmark   

i was reading the small-print on the back of an adderall ad and i saw that taking urine acidifiers could increase the levels...blah blah blah, typical small print. but they specifically named NH4Cl as the acidifier. ive never heard of this and havent had a chance to look. i also ran it through merck...nothing. any bees know anything. OTC or scrip? SWIM kinda likes the idea of Amm this easy, but doesnt wanna get his hopes up

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06-03-03 14:20
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      i typed ammonium chloride into epharma#y.com...  Bookmark   

i typed ammonium chloride into epharma#y.com ... and came up with a few hits... i supose that means that those products contain this particular salt... but im not sure how you'd go about isolating... tablets contained 40mg of active ingredient X (Nh4Cl or something else) .. seems like lots or work to get any reasonable amount.
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06-03-03 15:04
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      lol,just drive to your local chem supplier and  Bookmark   

lol,just drive to your local chem supplier and ask for a 35 kg bag of ammonium chloride(salmiac).It's not illegal nor watched.Raf did exactly that and now he has a 35 bag of ammonium chloride

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06-03-03 16:32
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      yah, but i just thout it'd be fun to throw...  Bookmark   

yah, but i just thout it'd be fun to throw NH4Cl on swim's grocery listlaugh. ...bread, milk, illegal drug reagents and precursors, pop-tarts....hee hee.

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06-03-03 16:36
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      yeah,but you won't find that from grocery...  Bookmark   

yeah,but you won't find that from grocery store...

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06-04-03 06:36
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      Sal Ammoniac  Bookmark   

as it is callede in the olde tougue, or ammonium chloride is used to clean copper soldring iron tips, and as a flux in plumbing. You should find it in plumbing supplies shops, maybe even a good hardware store. It's also used in glasswork, I think to keep metal things free of oxides, so glassblowing equipment suppliers might be helpful too.

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06-05-03 21:36
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      What about NH4SO4 fertilizer?  Bookmark   

What about NH4SO4 fertilizer?  I'm reasonably sure it would substitute for NH4Cl in the methaylamine synth.  I'm not sure of the purity, but they sell NH4SO4 in 50lb bags here in the us as fertilizer.  They think they're so smart, selling the sulfate instead of the nitrate, they're gonna keep those hillbillies from blowing people up.  Too bad it can also be used to make drugs.

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06-05-03 22:53
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      Ammonium Chloride from Ammonium Sulfate  Bookmark   

If one really needs NH4Cl, one could dissolve the (NH4)2SO4 in water, add an equimolar amount of CaCl2 dissolved in water. Weakly soluble CaSO4 aka gypsum precipitates leaving behind a solution of NH4Cl with minor calsium and sulfate contamination, both of which can be minimized by making sure the amounts are measured correctly and the solutions are as concentrated as possible. One could even concentrate the solution by evaporation to make sure there is even less gypsum relative to sal ammoniac present... and then sedimentation, decantation and filtration followed by complete evaporation to get crystalline NH4Cl. Theoretically:

      2NH4+(aq) + SO42-(aq) + Ca2+(aq) + 2Cl-(aq) ---> 2NH4+(aq) + 2Cl-(aq) + CaSO4(s)

Read your chemistry!smile

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06-05-03 23:29
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      byproduct of MeAm from hexamine  Bookmark   

maybe you won't find them at the grocery store (maybe by the fondue sets?) but you will find hexamine tablets at the surplus/camping store.  when you do a MeAm from hexamine w/ HCl, you get as much AmCl as you do MeAm.  at the 1000g hexamine scale, after the initial reflux, a vacuum filtration nets you around 500g of AmCl, and, later on, about 500g MeAm.

Post 323193 (RoundBottom: "Chromicís Methylamine.HCl", Methods Discourse)

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06-07-03 01:52
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      Ammonium Sulfate not good for MeNH2  Bookmark   

El_Zorro: Post 437869 (Rhodium: "Ammonium Sulfate not good for MeNH2", Newbee Forum)