Peaktime (Stranger)
06-05-03 22:47
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There is plenty of information about the percentage of Safrol in the oil obtained by steam destilation of the Sassafras rootbark...
But does anybody know anything about the Steam distiled LEAF oil of the sassafras tree???
Im almost sure it contains safrol too, but how much??

I found an oil for sale, the catalog says: Sassafras oil, Ocotea Pretiosa, Leaf oil by steam...
Should I buy it?????
Thanx!! Im waiting
06-06-03 16:30
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I can not find any reputable references on the safrole content of leaves, however I would assume it is close to 0%  "File" is legally sold in the US and is comprised of ground Sasafrass leaves, since any safrole containing substance was banned for use in food preperations in 1976.  That should be a good indicator of the safrole content of the leaves.  So NO the oil is probably useless to you if you wish to distill the safrole out. 

     I do not think we would go through the hassle of digging up sassy roots if there was even a small percentage located in the leaf.wink