Vibrating_Lights (Hive Addict)
06-05-03 21:34
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      MdP2POl from ALHg  Bookmark   

What conditions favor the reduction to MdP2POL in the AlHg with nitromethane?

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(Chief Bee)
06-06-03 15:44
No 438330
      Some reasons for high MDP2Pol to MDMA ratio  Bookmark   

1) Too much water (inhibits imine formation)
2) Too little methylamine (there isn't enough for the imine to form quantitatively)
3) Too short time for imine to form before reducing agent is introduced (I have always wondered why people doesn't let the imine form first, and then reduce the pre-formed imine with Al/Hg)
4) High temperature (imine hydrolysis, more aggressive reduction)